Building Blocks – Back To Basics

Blocks are a staple toy of childhood, but with the introduction of electronic toys, they can often be overlooked. It is a real shame as building blocks offer a great number of benefits to young children and teach them amazing skills. When young kids are introduced to blocks, it is firstly all about the texture, […]

Board Game Fun For The Whole Family

Spending time with your family over a board game provides great fun for the whole family and creates many magical memories. These are our family-tested best board game picks from MooWoo’s stock for 2017. All games aim to provide fun entertainment and lots of laughter as you learn together and love together. Feed the Woozle […]

Gorgeous Keepsake Gifts For Baby

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a baby shower or the birth of a newborn, then we have some great suggestions. MooWoo is all about sourcing cute and cuddly gifts from such well-known and respected brands as Alimrose Designs, Kaloo, Jellycat, Tiger Tribe, Flat Friends and Aden & Anais. Here are some […]

Prepare Yourself For A Fun Road Trip

Road trips can be exciting for the whole family, but an hour or so into the drive when the kids have sung all of their favourite songs and reminisced about the last time they hit the road, boredom can set in. But with the right amount of planning, road trips can be fun. Here are […]

The Connection Between Jigsaw Puzzles and Early Child Development

We love puzzles as you can tell from our extensive collection, but not just because they are fun. Jigsaw puzzles provide many benefits and help develop skills in children, especially in the early child developmental stages. Cognitive Skills Children develop their cognitive skills as they naturally set out to solve the puzzle. You can almost […]

Get Summer Fun Ready With Hammamas Towels

Summer, as we know, is all about relaxing by the pool or the beach. Hammamas towels are the perfect complement to surfing, sailing or swimming during the warm summer months and are as natural and sturdy as the sun is hot. Hammamas Turkish towels look great wrapped as a sarong as they are made of a heavy […]

2016 – What A Year It Has Been!

As we take a moment to reflect on the busyness of the past few weeks in the buildup to Christmas, we are continuously reminded of the wonderful support MooWoo receives from our fans and our local community day in, day out. It is you, our customers, who have made it such a great year. MooWoo has […]

Letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa is a fun tradition that is carried out all over the world. After all, what child hasn’t started compiling their wish list in their mind come the first December and would love nothing more to communicate with Santa direct? Our Dear Little Designs Letterbox has the ability to act as the […]

Caring For Your Child’s First teeth

Baby teeth…they take forever to break through, cause no end of pain and sleepless nights and they create the cheekiest of smiles that melt our hearts. Given how much effort goes into cutting teeth, it seems only right that we put a big effort into ensuring they stay clean and healthy as long as they […]

What To Do With A Good Idea

Good ideas can – and often do – spring into our minds quite unexpectedly. They light up our imaginations and swirl around inside our heads, becoming bigger, more exciting, and increasingly persistent. If it doesn’t get out sooner or later, you feel like your head may very well explode. It doesn’t matter how young or […]

Do You Need To Go Potty?

It’s that time in your toddler’s life where you need to tackle the big “PT”…potty training! Most first-time parents get very excited at the signs that it is time; second time parents – not so much as they know what lies ahead. So how do you know when it’s time? For some parents, their child […]

How To Raise A Child

As any parent will tell you, raising a child is not for the fainthearted. Not only is it a demanding 24 hours a day 7 day a week job but it comes with a responsibility to not only provide the basic essentials of food and shelter but to instill the values and beliefs to create […]

Hats! Preparing For The Sun

It’s September, and as the weather begins to transition into our spring months, we can expect to see more sunshine in our local Australian forecasts. To help you and your family get ready for the increase in sunlight, and temperatures, and help you stay comfortable as you have fun in the sun, we are proud […]

Kimberley Tides

Sparking our children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder and encouraging additional skills that support investigation, research and discovery are important to helping foster our children’s later math and science abilities. The Impact of Curiosity on Later Learning and Scientific Ability The potential impact of fostering these skills in preschool age children is well documented. […]

Soothing Harmonie Ball Pendants

If you, or someone you know, are the type to notice the little things and appreciate those shiny, blissful moments, you will need to have a closer look at the gorgeous Harmonie Necklaces MooWoo has in stock right now. Likewise, if you are a mother to be, or looking for the perfect shower gift for […]

Tips For Praising Your Kids The Right Way

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. It is very important that we hold the criticism, unless it is gentle, constructive and absolutely necessary. But it turns out we need to be equally mindful of the way we praise our children, as giving them too much of the wrong kinds of […]

Pipes And Cogs For Bath Time Fun

Any time of year, there is not much that beats a good splash in the tub. Some kids take some convincing to get in the bath, but once there, most of them are pretty hard to get out. It is not only a cure for grubbiness, but a cure for grumpiness as well. It is […]

Keep Your Kids Active During Winter

Okay, let’s be honest. Some of us would be more than happy to live out the winter under a doona with a good book or the television on, existing on cups of hot chocolate and endless pieces of toast with jam. Or is that just me? In reality, though, if we put our children through […]

Looking For Gifts For The Tech Head?

We live in interesting times. Most of us can remember just a decade ago, when very few people had a mobile phone with them at all times. Now if someone doesn’t have one they are the exception. We carry our devices with us to work, school, to cafes and bars, to the library, and the […]

Time Indoors – How Much Is Too Much?

With many of the things kids like to do these days connected to a wall plug, asking them to play outside is sometimes met with resistance. Parents are doing their duty, however, by standing their ground and insisting on more outside time for kids, as the benefits of outside time are many and varied. If […]

Love Mae Bamboo – Practical and Beautiful Dinnerware

When we add to our range at MooWoo, we are careful to introduce items that represent the qualities we cherish: beauty, uniqueness, and timeless good taste. It will take just a moment to see how the new-in-stock Love Mae Bamboo dinnerware range fits these criteria, however these dinnerware sets will grace your table for a […]

Art Bird – The Stylish Lunch Bag

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote Keats, and if we didn’t know better, we might think he was writing of the amazing and stylish lunch bags we have at MooWoo. We are speaking, of course, about those beautiful lunch bags created by Art Bird. These beauties feature retro fabrics and patterns that will […]

Gifts For The New Baby

So, the stork has been and brought the greatest gift of all – a new baby! All the excitement and wonder of meeting a new little person is in the air, and the feeling of wanting to commemorate the occasion and find the perfect present for this new and perfect person is strong. They might […]

Why It’s A Hat, Of Course

At MooWoo we take our hats and our craft very seriously. The harsh Australian weather means that we need to slip, slop, slap at every turn and to stay out of the heat, an interesting craft can keep the kids occupied indoors for hours. As Easter approaches, our thoughts turn naturally to Easter bonnets, so […]

Sakroots Bags- Stylish and Functional

Accessories can make or break and outfit, and they can make or break a day too. It really makes a big difference if you have everything you need on hand when you are out and about. But it isn’t much fun carrying around an enormous sack full of ‘just in case’ items, and the bulky […]

Wallabies On The Run

The Kimberley region is known for its abundant natural treasures, and people who live in such an incredible environment are used to being impacted by nature’s forces. Things that are unimaginable in other parts of the world are items in the daily newspaper here, and we are very lucky to be so close to the […]

How To Help Get Your Kids Used To Homework

If your little one has recently started school, there is a good chance that they, and you, will be exposed to homework. For many, this is a very new experience. Whether they’re just starting out, in their first year, or they’re a few years in but only now getting homework, they’ll require a lot of […]

It’s Time For School

Yes, really! It’s time to shake the sand out of the swimmers and wash the campfire smell out of the clothes. The back to school countdown is on. Are you ready? It can be a massive transition from holiday time to school schedule. Getting back into the swing of a new semester can be stressful […]

No Cook Recipes The Kids Will Love

There’s no doubt that getting the kids into the kitchen is an entertaining experience, not to mention they gain an educational understanding of what you do while you’re in there. With school holidays upon us, there’s also a good chance that there’ll be more kitchen time as kids have more time on their hands during […]

Keep Cool With Ice Pops

Australia is renowned for its hot, dry summers, and this year looks no different. While we watch with wonder at the wintery, snowy Christmas scenes, with Santa all rugged up, we’re sweltering in our singlets and burning backs of legs on swings and slides. Amongst all the great ideas Aussies seem to come up with […]

How to Make Your Home Ready for Santa

Less than a month until Santa Claus is coming to town and you haven’t started with the preparations yet? Not to worry! Although Santa is notorious for being quite fussy about the homes he visits, you still have enough time to welcome him appropriately with the help of the few tips we have selected and […]

Starting The Countdown To Christmas

It’s almost that time of year again! With barely six weeks remaining before the big day, it’s likely that your mind is already spinning with plans. These simple, low-cost strategies will help you and your loved ones get into the spirit of the season! Shop Now to Beat the Crowds and Get the Best Selection […]

New All Natural Play Makeup For Kids

Many little girls, and a few little boys, like to experiment with makeup. They love to dabble in colour whether it’s crayons or lipstick. The problem with regular makeup is that it includes chemicals in the mix and these are absorbed through the skin whenever they are applied. Little bodies aren’t designed to defend themselves […]

The Right Shoes For Baby

When shopping for children’s shoes, there seem to be hundreds of different options. They are generally styled to look like mini-adult shoes; they can be the traditional white hard shoes, they can jingle, or they can squeak. But for little feet learning to pull-up, crawl, and walk, the shoes with soft bottoms are best. When […]

Taming Bedtime

All parents have a secret weapon or two in their bag of tricks. Not that children are the enemy, of course, but on occasion it is helpful for the grown-up to have something to combat the unending exuberance of their young. Especially at bed time. For some reason, rather than winding down naturally of an […]

Adventure Play

In today’s media rich culture, it can be difficult to find time to get outdoors. There are emails to reply to, news to read about, and other important bits of information floating around on that screen in front of you. But there is also a rich environment right outside your front door (or around the […]

Practical Tools For Help With Toilet Training

Early childhood sure has some tricky phases, and toilet training can be one of the most challenging, for kids and parents alike. What seems simple to grownups involves a highly developed series of skills in little ones, and having patience with them while they learn all that is involved is not always easy. Fortunately, like […]

How To Teach Kids To Save

Lollies, soft drink, video games, and other goodies; these are the things that children long for and parents do not want to be constantly asked for the money to purchase them. Children enjoy having special things, just like adults. They want to feel mature, make adult decisions, and spend like they see their parents doing. […]

A Seriously Old Pearl

Mysteries and miracles abound in the Kimberley region. We are surrounded by astounding natural beauty and ancient cultural heritage, and there is always more to discover. Given our surroundings it shouldn’t be surprising that a rare and amazing object that was discovered several years ago has recently been confirmed to be about 2,000 years old. […]

3 Tips for Surviving Your Busy Day, Mum

People wear busy like a badge of honour. There’s the perception that if you aren’t busy, you somehow aren’t important, or you aren’t getting things done. The trouble is that ‘busy’ also suggests a struggle against time, and as parents, fixating on how busy we are doesn’t really help us glide smoothly through our full […]

The Day Socks Became Cool

Socks are tricky little creatures. They hide in corners, under beds and at the bottom of hampers. They get lost at swimming lessons and like to wander off by themselves a lot, often right before school. When found, they are sometimes tucked in a ball of questionable cleanliness, and thus given another chance to escape […]

Decorate And Inspire

For many people, home is where their heart is. It is a place to be with family, a safe place to relax, rest and regroup, away from pressures of work and school life. Home is also the little corner of the world you get to decorate just the way you like it, only having to […]

New Discovery In The Kimberley

There’s no place like home! Especially, if you live in the Kimberley. Our area has recently been found to be even more remarkable and unique with the discovery of a staggeringly beautiful new species of water lily. An international team of botanists set out in search of the lily in helicopters and boats, and made […]

Magic Tatts

Truly, we live in pretty amazing times. We might not be driving flying cars or wearing silver clothes everywhere (yet!), but our children have access to some incredible toys and mind-boggling entertainment options. One that has come to light recently is the AppsAlive Magic Tatts. These are a giant leap beyond the garden variety temporary […]

Snack Lunch Ideas That Can Be Prepared Frozen

Every parent knows that some days just couldn’t get any busier, and the only way for things to run smoothly is with some preparation in advance. Having frozen foods ready to go at the drop of a hat can  lessen stress, reduce hassle, and even prevent meltdowns (which have been known to occur in toddlers […]

The Importance Of Time Out For Mum – How To Get It

Whether or not a mother works outside of the home, each day is likely busy and stress-filled. With all of their duties and responsibilities, it’s very easy for mums to get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else’s needs that they forget to practice good self-care. If you are a mother, it’s common […]

Saving Money With Schooltime Snacks And Lunches

Kids can be expensive, there’s no doubt about it. They grow out of clothing quickly, can be pretty hard on their belongings, and have inexhaustible energy for countless activities that all have join-up fees. One important area of child raising that does not require an exorbitant budget, however, is school lunches. Sure, kids can eat […]

Filling The Lunchbox With Healthy Goodies

Breakfast has long been heralded as the most important meal of the day, but the reality is, growing bodies need almost constant fuel. For kids, lunch, dinner and snacks in between are all opportunities to give them what they need to keep growing strong, and are just as important as the morning meal. As most […]

Set Your Child Up for Success With These Organisational Tips

As adults, many of us feel overwhelmed with our conflicting responsibilities and deadlines, but our children are not immune to these pressures. In addition to the normal challenges that come with learning about the world around us and developing crucial physical, mental and social skills, there are homework assignments, tests, projects and after school activities. […]

How To Encourage Kids To Do Homework

Whether we and our kids like it or not, and agree with it or not, homework is a part of life. Getting kids to actually do their homework, however, is another story entirely. Whilst homework is one of those tasks we all like to avoid, getting the kids motivated to do it is a more […]

Choose A Backpack For School

Selecting a backpack for your child to carry to school can be a more difficult task than you might expect. While it’s important to choose one that is both attractive and comfortable so that you child enjoys carrying their backpack to school, the most important consideration involves safety. A poorly constructed backpack, or one that’s […]

Let’s Be Ballerinas

For the budding Margot Fonteyn at your house, MooWoo is proud to present Bobble Art Ballerina luggage and accessories. These items, in ever popular pink and purple, are as cute as luggage gets! Bobble Art Ballerina gear appeals especially to little girls who love to dance, dress up and perform. The Wheelie Travel Bag is […]

Jellycat – new in stock

Toys are important to kids, and, like a pet, a special toy can become as close as a best friend or as treasured as another family member. MooWoo stocks many lovable toys, there’s no way of picking our absolute favourite, but some a special recognition should go right now to the new toys in the […]

Buying Something Practical That Will Be Loved

When you look back on your childhood, do you remember your most prized possessions? Many of us can remember a special animal or doll, perhaps even a book, which was our favorite security object when we were very young. Some of us might not have loved a simple toy at all, but instead derived comfort […]

The Benefits of Bamboo

Babies born today are perhaps more pampered than at any other time in human history. We live in a truly global era, and our lucky children are in a position to benefit from the best the planet has to offer. It is likely, if you are reading this, that as a child you did not […]

Travel Over The School Holiday Break

School holidays have started, and for many it is the season for long-awaited travel after a long, tough year. A few days or weeks to decompress, relax with family and friends, and have fun making new memories for 2015. Those setting off with youngsters might have a slightly different outlook right now, as packing for […]

Merry Christmas from MooWoo

  To all of our clients, customers and supporters, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your constant and continued support. – MooWoo

Buying Christmas Gifts On A Budget

Christmas can put a strain on your finances and severely restrict your desire to purchase decent products for family, friends and your children. It can feel like your only option is to head into discount stores and buy trashy products that are unlikely to last the day, much less provide hours of enjoyment for the […]

Top Christmas Picks for Mum

Christmas is now less than a month away and soon wrapping paper and cardboard boxes will fall victims to eager gift-receivers. With all the Christmas preparations being carried out at full pelt, it is important to spend some times choosing a great Christmas present for your mum. They are around throughout the whole year doing […]

Top Christmas Picks For Teenagers

If you have a teenager at home, you don’t need much more to have a complicated Christmas. What you need is a delayed or inappropriate gift to send them in a rage, a tantrum of dissatisfaction or a small depression. Even if your teenagers are not too bothered with Christmas gifts, you would still want […]

Top Christmas Picks For Best Friends

Christmas is coming in less than a month and judging from your guilty look, you haven’t started shopping for gifts yet. Don’t worry, for us at MooWoo, there is more than enough time to get great presents for your best friends and make their Christmas an unforgettable experience. As you probably know, anything you buy from […]

Top Christmas Picks For Girls

Little girls love all things gorgeous and they LOVE to be surprised with gorgeous gifts. Christmas is no exception, and there are plenty of fabulous gifts for girls this upcoming festive period. Narrowing it down to the top picks was not an easy task. For the girls who are crafty and creative give them the […]

Paper Dolls – Still A Favourite

Do you remember sitting around for hours, on your own or with a group of friends, creating fashion shows or playing fashion designer with your paper dolls? The colours, the customisation and the sheer enjoyment of creating a fashion icon filled every little girl’s bedroom, and were the must have item in the school yard. […]

Top Christmas Picks For Boys

Boys, it is said, love their toys, and there is nothing like a good toy to put a smile on your boy’s face on Christmas morning. Give him a fleet of construction vehicles, including an excavator, cement mixer, and front end loader, team them with a toddler’s imagination and see what world your little one can […]

Top Christmas Picks For Toddlers

Toddlers are a ball of energy and fun, and they also love to explore and create. They are curious and inquisitive, and often experiment all in the name of play. With Christmas approaching, there are any number of ways you can accommodate this insatiable desire for toddlers to learn and give them a lifetime of […]

Top Christmas Picks For Baby

With Christmas approaching there is often enough stress already without wondering what to buy for baby this year so here are a list of our top picks. You may also find these top Christmas picks become keepsakes that are handed down from your children to your grandchildren when the time comes. Children love to play, […]

Summer Necessity – The Helmet Hat

Have you ever been in a situation when your child just refuses to ride their bike because they don’t want to wear a helmet? It’s too dangerous to let them go without one and if you don’t, they will not go riding at all. It is even worse when they start cycling and they get back […]

Outdoor Toys – New In Stock

The team at MooWoo know how important it is for our kids and all little members of the family to spend more time in the open air and less time in front of the screens. Therefore, we aim to regularly introduce new outdoor toys to our collection, thus providing you with the opportunity to engage […]

The High Cost of Fracking In The Kimberley

Today’s question troubling Kimberley’s community and every conscious citizen of Australia – will Buru Energy be allowed to start fracking in the Canning Basin? And, while the WA Parliament is “conducting an inquiry into the controversial gas fracking industry” and acknowledges the strong opposition formed by the inhabitants of the area, citizens, environmental protection groups […]

3 Reasons To Start Christmas Shopping Now

Year after year, the same thing happens – we postpone the Christmas shopping until the last possible moment and then it’s always the usual end of year mad dash to the shops. The worst case scenario is leaving everything until the week (or the day!) before, when everyone is out, the queues are kilometric and […]

Skincare? Go Natural!

Have you ever taken the time to read the labels of the products you put on your skin? Not the big eye-catching ones saying ‘Goji Berry extract’ or ‘Baby Soft Skin in 5 Days’, but those really small ones on the back that tell you what exactly the cream or soap or spray contains. If […]

My Dream Lights

Even the most doting parents look forward to bedtime, when the little ones get heavy eyelids, and stay still long enough to hear a few stories and have a cuddle before dropping off to peaceful slumber. Many mums and dads tiptoe away, with a loving glance over the shoulder at their precious kid, never so […]

Cross Cultural Music in Kununurra

Life in Kununurra offers many gifts. We are surrounded by natural beauty, including numerous gorges and waterfalls. People travel from all over to glimpse the ranges on our doorstep. And it’s not only tourists who like to visit. We attract some world class artists and performers, so our kids can be inspired by the best […]

Ergobaby – The Art of Baby Wearing

Many grandparents these days marvel at the gadgets and doodads available to today’s parents, including the amazing array of baby carriers there are to choose from. At the top of the line, in terms of stylish design, absolute comfort and remarkable durability, is the Ergobaby. MooWoo has a large variety of Ergobaby carriers to choose […]

The Keep Cup

If you’ve ever had coffee to go, you probably carried your beverage away in a common Styrofoam cup. Used by millions of businesses and households around the world, cups made from Styrofoam make it fast and easy to take away your favorite beverage. Despite their ease of use, there are hidden dangers associated with using […]

Let Your Kids Have A Go

Have you met 7 year old Harry Deverill? He just helped Waitrose, a British supermarket chain, to redesign the label of its Brown Sauce packaging. What about 15-year-old Jack Andraka? He’s the boy who invented a cheap and accurate pancreatic cancer sensor. Or 16 year old George Nissen who invented the modern trampoline? Perhaps you […]

Fun Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Finding something for the kids to give to dad for Father’s Day can be difficult; does he need another tie, or another pair of socks? Why not consider getting the kids together to craft something special for dad. Kids love to create and an object presented with love becomes much more valuable than something store […]

Kalencom Nappy And Change Bags

One difficult thing to get used to when you bring your new baby into the world is the fact that there are so few fashionable choices when it comes to nappy and change bags. Most nappy bags are made in just a few plain choices with designs that make it hard to match up with […]

What’s New For August?

The cooler mornings have some thinking of travel, and these days, when it comes to packing our bags, we don’t have to sacrifice style for usefulness. MooWoo offers a range of useful life accessories that are absolutely gorgeous and completely reliable, essential qualities if you are leaving everything behind and going on a trip. Ergobaby […]

How To Encourage Imaginative Play

As opposed to the limited, passive learning that occurs through watching TV, imaginative play encourages and allows kids to use more muscles and all senses, leading them to learn efficiently and actively. Benefits of letting them explore their own choices and inventions cannot be underestimated, but how can adults, as caregivers, encourage this imaginative play? […]

How To Tame Your Child’s TV

If you are like many parents and caregivers, you may be at your wits end trying to figure out how to tame your child’s TV viewing. While it’s tempting to cut out all television, you can help your child to moderate the types of television that they watch and for how long. After all, there […]

Building Little Leaders

We all want to ‘fit in’ and be a part of the group, and children are no different from adults in this respect, with the exception that they often don’t have the skills to make sensible decisions. This craving for acceptance can lead children to thoughtlessly and blindly follow the crowd. This is more so […]

Eggnogg Colour-in Table Cloth

We’ve all had those days when the kids are restless and don’t know what to do with themselves. Perhaps it’s too wet to go out and play, they are bored or they have friends over and want something fun to do. The Eggnogg Colour-in Table Cloth will keep them busy. Just add a pot of […]

1745 Vaugondy Globe Model

This stunning globe available in our MooWoo store is a real collector’s piece.  It is a replica of a globe designed in 1745 by the Vaugondy family. Gilles and Didier Robert de Vaugondy were the leading map publishers, engravers, and cartographers in Paris during the mid-18th century. They were a father and son team who […]

On Holidays – Cape Leveque

We are taking a short break from MooWoo as we are currently on holiday on the island paradise otherwise known as Cape Leveque.  Any orders placed between now and our return on the 17 July, will be shipped on the 18 July.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes when it comes to your gift […]

Little Wooden Construction Toys

Va-room-room goes the truck! MooWoo is happy to add this new line of brightly painted and durable wooden construction toys to our catalogue! Children 3 years of age and up will get a big kick out of playing with these adorable and sturdy wooden construction toys. These wooden construction toys come in three styles:  roller, […]

The Adventures Of The Kimberley Tooth Fairy

She was hot and tired, and her wings were slippery with dampness from the humid air.  Those were signs that she’d had a very, very good day and had dropped off lots of money in exchange for those little white teeth. The Kimberley Tooth Fairy loved her job.  She spent her nights flying around the […]

Wooden Toys – Old Fashioned Style With New Fashioned Fun

In some ways our kids’ childhoods are unrecognisable to us. They grow up so fast, some have little free time, and they are more technology-savvy than people many times their age. But don’t think any of that means they can’t appreciate classic styles of play, because kids are, and always will be, kids. Given a […]

We’re Back! Lanco Sensory Toys Are Back in Stock!

MooWoo is very happy to announce that several popular Lanco Sensory Toys are now in stock! Lanco’s line of adorable natural teethers: Paddy Crocodile, Kelsie Seahorse and Bo Frog teethers have returned. As an added bonus, their Tommi Teddy teether remains in stock, and is on sale now! All of Lanco’s natural teethers are handmade […]

When You Want The Best For Your Little Prince or Princess

MooWoo is pleased to announce that we now have in stock several muslin-based products from Aden and Anais. Trusted by mothers everywhere, Aden and Anais made headlines around the world when Prince George was seen leaving the hospital last year in one of the brand’s colourful and comfortable swaddles. Now you can treat your own little prince […]

Going, Going, They’re Almost Gone – Get These Deals While They Last

MooWoo has a great selection of deals and sale prices on a select group of quality toys and merchandise.  Make sure you take some time to check out our selection and grab these steals before they’re gone. Get an Early Start on Christmas! Beat the holiday rush by getting an early start on your Christmas […]

Tickle Monster Mitts

Little kids love to giggle. Little kids love to be tickled. And little kids love to be a little bit scared. Aware of how little they are, they love to feel safe with their caregivers, but also like excitement and chances to be brave. When faced with the Tickle Monster, they are excited by the […]

Dear Little Letter Box

It is never too early to learn that the pen is mightier than the sword. Little children are already exposed to written language through story books, and they know the power words hold. Imagine how excited they are when they first learn about letters and letter writing! The Dear Little Letter Box is simply the […]

Hammamas – Original Adult’s Towels

When you take the time to notice, there is great beauty and enormous pleasure to be found in the simplest things. There is much to appreciate about a warm bubble bath, a picnic with friends or a sunset walk on the beach. In this busy day and age, simplicity has become a luxury. It can […]

Just For Girls

We covered the boys in a blog post last month and now it’s time for the girls! Does your little girl go for sugar and spice and everything nice? MooWoo has a great selection of gifts, just right for little girls who love make believe, playing mum and playing hostess. The Tiger Tribe Jewellery Box […]

Ord Valley Muster – Come And Join Us

As you know, one of our favourite events, the Ord Valley Muster, is coming to the Kimberley on May 16th and we’re really looking forward to it. From wilderness walks to cheese making, mine tours, celebrity chefs and cooking, and even the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. It is packed full of fabulous things to […]

Under The Kimberley Moon

Last week I told you about the Argyle Diamond’s Ord Valley Muster and how much fun it is.  Today I want to tell you about one of the biggest events at the Muster, and that is called the Airnorth Kimberley Moon Experience. Staged on the banks of the majestic Ord River at the Jim Hughes […]

Ord Valley Muster

The Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster is one of the biggest events on our calendar.  It began as a small dinner in the outback for local businesses but has now grown to become a huge event. The website says, “Now in its fourteenth year, the Muster will feature an outstanding line-up of nearly 30 concerts […]

Just For Boys

It’s a well known fact that boys will be boys, and this usually means lots of activity, noise, dirt, as well as exploration, investigation and an intense curiosity for how things work. They like cars, trains, trucks, planes and big machines that make lots of noise – and they’re better if they can get their […]

Easter Craft Inspiration On Pinterest

The Easter season is knocking on the door, but the coloured eggs will have to wait for another week or so. Of course that doesn’t help your kids to be patient, does it? And with school holidays upon us, the time will drag for them. If you are one of the parents who need to […]


It’s that time of year again! Time to get organised for Easter! Who doesn’t love the imagery of baby bunnies and blooming flowers? Of course the kids look forward to the Easter egg hunt and gobbling their chocolate treasures. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so MooWoo have a […]

Crunch And Crackle – Bubble Wrap Does So Much More Than Just Pop

Snap, snap, snap – who can resist the urge to pop a nice sheet of bubble wrap when tempted? Bubble wrap, however, can do so much more than just protect fragile objects in shipping or provide a crunchy outlet for stress relief. It’s a very versatile material that’s perfect for arts and crafts with your […]

Dinosnores…they’re back!

Yes you read that correctly.  Dinosnores ( are back in stock.  These fantastic relaxation CDs for kids were so popular we just couldn’t keep up with demand but they are now back in stock and ready to go to their new homes. The Dinosnores CDs are a calming, meditation style CD to help children relax […]

What To Do In Kununurra?

If you are looking for a place that will help you relax and recharge far away from the big city, your best choice is Kununurra. Our small town, ranked among the best places for outdoor adventures (by Outdoor Australia), will help you spend your vacation in the best possible way – out in the nature […]

Mega MooWoo Sale

Have you popped into our sale section lately?  If not, I’d go on over and take a look around.  You’ll find some of our bestselling and most popular items have been marked down.  There are bargains everywhere. Take a look at our “When I Wish Upon a Star” music box.  It’s been marked down to […]

Reading To Kids

Did you know that the best way to help your child succeed at school is to read to them at home? Even babies are not too young to benefit from hearing you read. Hearing new sounds and words helps them to learn to speak and express themselves as they get bigger. Not only that, there […]

GreenKid Stainless Steel Bottles

We are very pleased to introduce the GreenKid range of stainless steel bottles to our store. Made from 100% 18/8 medical grade stainless steel, GreenKid stainless steel is the non-leaching, BPA , Pthalate, Lead and Toxin free alternative to plastic feeding bottles. Add to that the lightweight, unbreakable nature of stainless steel and the ergonomic […]

Feel Good About Relaxing With Natural Life’s Fun Boho Pillows

Kick off your shoes, lean back and relax on one of these fun and quirky Boho Pillows from Natural Life. You can feel good as you rest and relax on these pillows, because they are made by a company that is empowering women and young girls everywhere to find their passion and follow it! Founded […]

Baby Keepsakes

When a baby is born, our first instinct is to rush out and buy flowers to celebrate the birth of the beautiful new baby.  But how about buying something which is more precious to the mother and baby, a keepsake which can be treasured, even after the baby has grown up and had a baby […]

Back To School And Back To Bedtime Routine

This week we are happy to share with you a guest post written by Sherene Alfreds of Dinosnores.  Thanks Sherene! Summertime, and the living is easy – at least until we have to get the kids awake, dressed and ready for school after a sweltering 40+ degree night.  But if you are finding your kids […]

Make A Slushie With Zoku

It’s definitely slushie weather and luckily we have a Zoku Slush and Shake Maker to save us from the heat. This high-performance, design driven slushy maker can make healthy slushies, iced coffees, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks and fruit smoothies in as little as 7 minutes on your countertop. 7 minutes! It’s such a clever design. […]

About MooWoo – Who We Are And What We Offer

We live in a little town called Kununurra with a population of 6,000 people – in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  And by remote, we mean remote; over 3,000kms from Perth and over 800kms from Darwin – but we love it! This part of Australia is home to many talented artisans and creators […]

Introducing Our Back To School Range Including New Drink Bottles

Your kids may not be ready to go back to school yet (and neither are we!) but undoubtedly it will be here before they know it.  I remember when I was a child how quickly the school holidays seemed to fly by – particularly those last couple of weeks. Going back to school for the […]

Organising The Morning Mayhem

Today we are pleased to have a guest post for you written by Amanda Cox of Real Mums.  Welcome Amanda! With the school holidays coming to an end, it’s almost time to get your head around the morning routine that will soon be upon us. Little ones at school mean timelines and deadlines, and more […]

Merry Christmas To One And All

  Christmas is a wonderful time of year enabling us to spend time with those we love.   May your Christmas and New Year be filled with friends, family and fun.   From all the team at MooWoo – we hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.   See you in […]

Get Icy With Zoku

If you love ice pops and you cannot get enough of them, we have a fun way to get icy during the hot days. All you need is Zoku – a new tool that can help you make your own ice treats. With Zoku you make the decisions about what goes into your ice treat […]

Making New Christmas Traditions

The only thing constant is change, and that adage even applies to Christmas, but it’s lovely to see in our busy world full of technology and gadgets, that old traditions are being passed on through the generations. We recently asked a question about Christmas traditions on our MooWoo Facebook Page and loved the responses from […]

Some New Gifts For Christmas

We’re hoping you’ve pretty much got yourself sorted for Christmas, given it’s not too far away now. We don’t want you stressing out, so just in case you need to grab some last minute gifts, have been invited to a Christmas gathering and need a present, or you’re after some stocking stuffers, we do have […]

Wild Weather In The Kimberley

One of the things you have to get used to when you live in the Kimberley is the weather.  It has a tropical monsoon climate and cyclones are common between November and April when we also receive the majority of our yearly rainfall. Needless to say, the recent Tropical Cyclone Alessia was no surprise to […]

What To Pack For A Long Trip Away – Part 2

Last week, we gave you list of suitable items to pack for that long road trip you’re planning. This week, we’ll show you how to pack, to lighten the load and keep things organised and within easy reach. Firstly, it’s important to choose the right bag for your travels. If you’re going to be travelling […]