Crunch And Crackle – Bubble Wrap Does So Much More Than Just Pop

thisweek142Snap, snap, snap – who can resist the urge to pop a nice sheet of bubble wrap when tempted? Bubble wrap, however, can do so much more than just protect fragile objects in shipping or provide a crunchy outlet for stress relief. It’s a very versatile material that’s perfect for arts and crafts with your children. So, the next time you find yourself with some spare bubble wrap, consider putting it to good use in one of these projects.

Custom Prints

Using a pair of scissors, cut your piece of bubble wrap into fun shapes such as flower petals, circles, stars, and squares, or any basic shape that you and your child might enjoy. Apply acrylic or finger paint to the side with the bubbles, and then press onto a sheet of paper or newsprint to transfer your design. Children of all ages will enjoy combining different colors and enjoying the different patterns that they can make by layering the designs.

Baubles, Bangles and Beads from Bubbles

Cut your bubble wrap into long, narrow strips, twist into shape, and decorate with ribbons and bows to make your own homemade crowns, bracelets, and ribbons. You can even take strips that are a bit longer and wider to make clothing. To make your own ballerina tutu, fold long strips accordion style, about 1 to 2 inches wide, as though you are gathering cloth that you would hem with needle and thread. Secure the folded hem with clear plastic packing tape and voila, you are ready to dance!

Keeping Count

Children will have a blast when they count down the days to a special event with a calendar that they have made from bubble wrap. You can make a calendar for the whole year, or just a special event, such as a birthday party, or even an Advent calendar. Get creative and cut the calendar into a fun shape, decorate it with glitter and paint, and use markers or stickers to number the days. Let your child keep track, by popping one of the bubbles each day.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started making your own bubble wrap creations. There are many other fun crafts that you can make out of bubble wrap – after all, you are only limited by your imagination.