Dear Little Letter Box


It is never too early to learn that the pen is mightier than the sword. Little children are already exposed to written language through story books, and they know the power words hold. Imagine how excited they are when they first learn about letters and letter writing! The Dear Little Letter Box is simply the cutest way to introduce the idea of mail and letters, and bring writing into the daily lives of the little ones you know.

The Dear Little Letter Box is a well built small scale mailbox that attaches to the wall. It comes with a kit containing a notepad, little envelopes, coloured pencils and a sharpener, as well as decorative stickers. It invites children to be creative, while giving parents opportunities to encourage their children’s developing literacy.

Kids can use the letter box and kit to send pictures and letters to whoever they choose. Perhaps they can write to grandparents or cousins, or they can write to Santa and the Easter Bunny. They will love writing and drawing pictures for the people they care about, and parents can later post these on. If Grandma replies, it can be go in the letter box for the child to discover.

After all, we all know how good it is to get mail especially the real kind!

The Dear Little Letter Box is available in a choice of fun colours:  red, violet, pink and blue allowing you to choose the colour to best suit your child.  At $39.95, this gift will provide lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s mail time!