Easter Craft Inspiration On Pinterest

7c26b29d0692c3aa44c665a3b5eed6bbThe Easter season is knocking on the door, but the coloured eggs will have to wait for another week or so. Of course that doesn’t help your kids to be patient, does it? And with school holidays upon us, the time will drag for them.

If you are one of the parents who need to find a fun activity to occupy their kids, you can check out some of the Easter Craft inspiration ideas we picked up primarily from Pinterest for you. This will give them something to do!

Here they go!

The best crafts, of course, are the edible crafts – they are both beautiful and sweet. These crafts are for bigger kids, but with your help and more material (because it may have the habit of disappearing mysteriously), you can ‘manufacture’ this beautiful Easter tree with small multi-coloured eggs and Oreo biscuits representing the flowers in the garden.

bunny-envelopesThen there are amazing crafts for kids. The young members of your household will be more than happy to help make some of these cute Easter bunny envelopes with sweets and confectionery in them, or the furry bunnies and small chicks. Take a look at some of the other ideas on Babble, some harder to do than others, but all of them guaranteed fun.

Traditionally, beautiful baskets with multi-coloured eggs are one of the symbols of Easter. This year, instead of buying the baskets, you can spend some fun time with your kids and craft them yourself. Here are 11 basket ideas that caught our eye. They include a basket made from a flower pot, a basket with cute yellow chicks and a beautiful basket in the form of a white Easter bunny.  This will keep your kids busy for quite a while.

Speaking of eggs, it may be early to start to ‘beautify’ them, but it is quite the time to look for ideas. Here you can find great egg designs. These include Perry the Platypus egg, three-eyed aliens, the Cheshire cat, Donald Duck and many other favourite characters. Of course, these are only ideas and you may be inspired to create your own designs – the Mad Hatter, Lord Voldemort or even Princess Leia!  Let your imagination go.

And to finish with, here are no less than 20 craft ideas for the smallest ones – suitable even for toddlers and pre-school kids. These include cute wooden spoon designs, lambs from cotton and paper, paper plates and practical recycling ideas like turning the toilet paper rolls into Easter bunnies.

These ideas should help keep you and your kids sane until the Easter bunny finally arrives.

Pull out the glue, scissors and whatever materials you can find, and let your kids create.