Filling The Lunchbox With Healthy Goodies

child-520732_640Breakfast has long been heralded as the most important meal of the day, but the reality is, growing bodies need almost constant fuel. For kids, lunch, dinner and snacks in between are all opportunities to give them what they need to keep growing strong, and are just as important as the morning meal. As most school canteens cannot be relied upon for healthy fare, when kids are at school all day, the only way to ensure they have access to good food is to send it in their lunchboxes.

Schools have been looking at the “problem” of school lunches for some time, and trying to encourage parents to provide nutritionally balanced food in adequate portions for their kids. One of the big concerns is for children from low income households, who are sent to school with a few junky snacks, or no lunch at all. Educators predict these students will not have the energy or concentration to study and learn, making it, inevitably harder for them to leave the cycle of poverty behind.

Fortunately, school lunches do not have to be elaborate or expansive to be sufficient. In Australia we are blessed with abundant well priced fruits that come already packed in their own skins, making them perfect to toss in a lunch box.  Vegetables like carrots and celery also deliver a juicy crunch kids will like through the school day. Dipping them in hummus or cream cheese will give them extra protein too. Vegemite and cheese or tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches will give them a good release of energy throughout the afternoon. And don’t forget, many fantastic school lunches can be made from left overs from the night before. Chicken nuggets, fried rice or pasta all taste great to next day, and will give your kids the healthy taste of home while being totally budget friendly.

Healthy does not have to mean complicated or expensive, so brainstorm and experiment with your child and see what you can come up with.