Keep Cool With Ice Pops

My-Lil-Pouch-Christmas-Ice-Pops-357x357Australia is renowned for its hot, dry summers, and this year looks no different.

While we watch with wonder at the wintery, snowy Christmas scenes, with Santa all rugged up, we’re sweltering in our singlets and burning backs of legs on swings and slides.

Amongst all the great ideas Aussies seem to come up with to keep cool during the hot months are Lil Pouch Ice Pop Makers.

Not only can you make healthy ice pops in your kitchen, but you’re also saved the trouble of having to run to the supermarket every weekend to stock up on some more icy cold treats.

They make a great Christmas gift for kids, Kris Kringle, Secret Santa, or for the person who has everything. Ice Pops are also fabulous for stuffing stockings in time for Christmas morning.

They also provide the perfect treat for Christmas day when the entire family gathers. Give the kids – both big and little – an ice pop and send them outside while you enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. Once they’re done, it’s easy to whip up another batch in time for the evening. It’s something even the kids can do.

One of the best things about them, aside from their ease of use and them being readily available, is that they are healthy. You know exactly what’s going into them, because you are making it yourself, and there are plenty of recipes for a treat filled with nutritional goodness.

You can even create your own recipes, and get the kids to come up with some ideas, too. And the Ice Pop Makers themselves are cute and colourful.

Will you be the cool mum or aunt and buy them as gifts? Or keep them for yourself and treat all the kids in the house this Christmas?