Pipes And Cogs For Bath Time Fun

boon-cogs-water-gear-bath-toys-2-357x357Any time of year, there is not much that beats a good splash in the tub. Some kids take some convincing to get in the bath, but once there, most of them are pretty hard to get out. It is not only a cure for grubbiness, but a cure for grumpiness as well. It is also pretty much the best thing you can do for a child who needs a change of scene, or a distraction from teething or any other unpleasantness. Run the water, throw in some bubbles, and add a few excellent toys. If you are looking to shake up your bath time routine, MooWoo has some great ideas for unique bath toy fun.

The Boon Cogs Bath Building Toy Set is the ultimate in hands-on water-play fun. The BPA free, five piece set of spinning cogs stick to the tub or tiled wall by suction, and can be arranged in many configurations to keep kiddos entertained for hours. Children from one year and up will be fascinated by the cause an effect of turning one cog, setting others in motion too. They can be moved not only by curious little fingers, but, most excitingly, by pouring water over them. These small water wheels are colourful, and kids will love positioning and repositioning them, experimenting with mathematical ideas while getting clean!

Adding to the list of things we wish were around when we were kids, Boon also makes a set of Pipes, that go perfectly with the cogs to make a doubly awesome play set for bath-time. Also brightly coloured and super-durable, these pipes act as funnels, so when positioned correctly, and attached with suctions, they can direct water down either to another pipe, straight back into the bath, into a cup, or onto the cogs, taking their place in the chain reaction water wheel. Kids will be fascinated to watch the little spinners inside these pipes too, and will have a lot of fun playing with them.

Boo Pipes and Cogs are both perfect for bath time, and when it warms up again, there is no reason that these toys can’t be used outside too, in backyard paddling pools. Particularly for pre-swimmers, these fun little playthings will entice them into the water, and help them get comfortable. Indoors or out, these toys will make a serious splash!