Prepare Yourself For A Fun Road Trip

magnetic-games-to-go-traffic-jam-357x357Road trips can be exciting for the whole family, but an hour or so into the drive when the kids have sung all of their favourite songs and reminisced about the last time they hit the road, boredom can set in. But with the right amount of planning, road trips can be fun. Here are some of our recommendations:

Plan the snacks

“I’m hungry” can set in quite early on the road. So be prepared for it. MooWoo offers a range of reusable and washable snack bags for easy storage. Or you can put together a selection of munchable necklaces, even enlisting the help of the children before they travel. Thread cereal and pretzels onto a piece of string for easy chewing.

Bring out the games

Family games provide fun at every opportunity. At MooWoo we have a wide variety of magnetic games to zap the boredom even before it sets in. Enjoy a game of Lettergories to brainstorm category and letter words on the go. Magic Word is another fun game where the objective is to form words and score as many points as possible. Or you could play a game of Traffic Jam or Fairy Checkers. Definite fun for the whole family!

Allow for some snuggle time

tiger-tribe-Fabulous-Felt-Dress-Ups-357x357Kids will naturally get tired as they relax into the rhythm of the vehicle. For this reason, it is important to bring a snuggle blanket or their favourite toy to cuddle as they nap. A quick snooze here and there allows them to recharge their batteries and work up their appetite for the next round of games, song and laughter.

Let them get creative

Colouring books and craft kits are perfect ideas to keep their busy on the road. Perhaps a cross stitch kit would keep them busy for a while? Or maybe a travel-friendly felt kit would do the trick? Letter magnets are also fun for the little ones as it gives them an opportunity to practice their letters and sounds uninterrupted.

Stay hydrated

Even though you don’t want to be stopping the vehicle every five minutes, you still need to offer drinks to keep the family well hydrated, particularly on hot summer days. If you are travelling with a baby or a toddler, the Warm n’ Go Travel Bottle Warmer from Diono is ideal and conveniently hangs from the dashboard. And of course, the big kids will be only too happy to sip out of their drink bottles.

See what we mean? With a bit of preparation, the road trip will definitely be one to remember. And, of course, don’t forget those fun pitstop opportunities as you are heading down the highway! They give you a chance to snap some photos and make wonderful road trip memories.