The Importance Of Time Out For Mum – How To Get It

girl-690614_640Whether or not a mother works outside of the home, each day is likely busy and stress-filled. With all of their duties and responsibilities, it’s very easy for mums to get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else’s needs that they forget to practice good self-care.

If you are a mother, it’s common to feel as though there is not enough “mum” to go around. You may even feel guilty about taking a few moments just for yourself each day. But, if you want to have the strength and energy that you need to care for your family, it’s important to take regular breaks.

There really is no need to feel guilty about taking some time for you. Your family really will be okay if you give yourself a bit of a time out each day. In fact, they will be better for it when you do.

Many of us associate the term “time-out” as some sort of punishment for children who get a bit too rowdy, excited and loud. A time out is really more of a chance for anyone of any age to take a moment and calm down.

Even the best athletes and teams in the sports world understand and appreciate the value of a time out. It’s an opportunity for everyone to take a moment to refocus, regroup and get on the same page so that they can perform their best.

Are you ready to spend a few moments renewing your spirit so that you can be refreshed and on top of things for the rest of your day? The following tips can help you find the time to take a break.

Get an Early Start

As a mother, you are likely up early each morning, before anyone else. Take advantage of this quiet time at the start of the day to spend a few moments alone with yourself. Make yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to really savour it. Spend a few minutes reading a website that brings you laughter or comfort. Compose an email or letter to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. The specific activity doesn’t matter as long as it is something that doesn’t take very long and brings you joy.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

If you are still trying to do it all, it’s no wonder that you are so exhausted! You are not a superhero or a fictional character with special powers so it really is okay if you don’t do every chore yourself.

If your finances will allow it, consider hiring someone to help you with some of your house cleaning, or hire a babysitter for a few hours each week so that you can have some time to get away.

If you can’t afford to hire someone to help out, consider setting up play dates each week with two to three other mothers who have children of a similar age. Each mother could then take turns hosting the play date at their home and watch the children while the other mothers take a break. Just be certain to rotate which mother has babysitting duty each week so that it’s fair for everyone.

Taking time out for yourself can in fact be one of the most important things you do for yourself today.