Top Christmas Picks For Baby

Petit_Collage_nesting_blocks_woodland_ABC_boxed-357x357With Christmas approaching there is often enough stress already without wondering what to buy for baby this year so here are a list of our top picks. You may also find these top Christmas picks become keepsakes that are handed down from your children to your grandchildren when the time comes.

Children love to play, create, make noise, build, and destroy, which is why our wooden toy range is so popular.

The Woodland ABC nesting blocks allow infants to participate in stack-and-knock-down play, assist with developing an understanding of size, and are absolutely gorgeous and appealing to both young and old.

A giraffe wooden bowling set is a fun activity for all, and is loved by children from all over. It makes a perfect Christmas gift, and ideal for hours of enjoyable play for years to come.

Tiger Tribe rainbow xylophones are a must for under the tree for baby; babies and children love the music it – and they – can create.

Tiger-Tribe-Loona_Balls1-357x357Toddlers, especially when they start to become more mobile and active simply love balloons, yet the distress caused when they pop is something we all want to avoid. Although it may not look like much when unwrapped on Christmas morning, Tiger Tribe Loona Balls provide a lightweight, cotton cover for balloons, allowing for the full enjoyment of the balloon experience, whilst minimising the risk of balloon popping. They can provide hours and hours of giggles and enjoyment.

After a long day of play, baby may need a good sleep. Baby night lights and eco-friendly bamboo swaddles make ideal Christmas gifts for baby that will take you well into the next few years.

Christmas time, as we all know, brings with it hot weather, insects, grumpy mums, and grizzly babes. A pair of Seedling baby paddle pants from Santa will mean baby can go for cooling dips at the beach, or in the backyard wading pool.

It would also be remiss of Santa not to arrive with a gorgeous and stylish wet bag to ensure safe carriage of all your baby related paraphernalia. With areas to keep wet clothing separate from the rest of the bag’s contents, they are big enough to carry all that baby needs when out of the house, and stylish enough to make mum look and feel great.

Whether it is their first Christmas or not, you really want to make it special for them. It’s also a great time to provide them with items that not only give them hours of entertainment and fun, but that also enhance their overall growth and development.