What To Do In Kununurra?

Neochmia_temporalis_-Marsden,_Brisbane,_Queensland,_Australia-8If you are looking for a place that will help you relax and recharge far away from the big city, your best choice is Kununurra. Our small town, ranked among the best places for outdoor adventures (by Outdoor Australia), will help you spend your vacation in the best possible way – out in the nature fishing, having a nice picnic in fresh air, taking a walk and even swimming when the crocodiles are asleep.

A good place to start your Kununurra adventure is the Celebrity Tree Park – a beautiful park that is being regularly expanded as the celebrities who visit Kununurra are usually asked to plant a tree in it. Each tree has its plaque that shows who has planted it, and some of the names you can read include Her Royal Highness Princess Anna, Rolf Harris, John Farnham, Baz Luhrmann and many others. While you are in the park, make sure you take a look at Carlton Ridge and you will understand why many locals call it the Sleeping Buddha.

After you warm up in the park, you can head for Lake Kununurra, where you can find many different plant and animal species (and some of them may find you, if you are not careful enough!). Lake Kununurra is a popular fishing destination and provides opportunities for sailing, skiing and rowing. Its waters contain freshwater crocodiles and you can also spot ornithologists looking for the beautiful Estrildid Finch.

If you want to have a more Indiana Jones like experience, you can try the City of Ruins, also known as the Lost City. Here you will find an excellent collection of natural sandstone formations that look exactly like an ancient city and you can walk around them, comparing and examining the interesting forms you spot.

Couples travelling to Kununurra can find a unique view from Kelly’s Knob Lookout, which is bound to provide one of the best sunsets you have ever experienced. From here you will have the opportunity to see the town of Kununurra and the whole area, including the lake from a great vantage point.

If you feel like having a good picnic, your best option is the Lions Park Picnic Area. It is a great place for photographers, too, as you can get a great view of the diversion dam, which is actually part of the Victoria Highway, and you can also go in the water with a boat if you fancy taking a clear shot of the saltwater crocodiles.

Lily Creek walk is another place for bird lovers. The water’s edge is a natural habitat for a plenty of birds that are otherwise accessible only through the zoology textbooks. Further from the lagoon you can see (or use) Kununurra’s central boat ramp.

If you feel like swimming you should probably try the crocodile-free Valentine Springs, also known as Middle Springs or Black Rock Pool.

Before leaving Kununurra, make sure you spend a couple of hours with the Historical Society. They have prepared a great walk around the town that will show you the important historical spots around it and the best places to explore the local birds. You will also drop by the local historical museum, which presents the history of the area with the help of many artefacts and multimedia presentations. You can spend the night in another historical activity – the aptly named Picture Gardens which will allow you to experience the lovely open air theatre.

So, if you are visiting Kununurra soon, prepare for one of the best outdoor adventures of your life. The beautiful nature, the relaxed atmosphere and the many opportunities for outdoor activities are more than precious, especially if you are used to working in front of the monitor whole day. And don’t forget to take your binoculars – or the Kununurra birds will take it personally!