Dinosnores Relaxation CD – Tyrannosaurus

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Snuggle up in your warm, comfy cave, little tyrannosaurus, and learn how to relax your body ready for sleep.

Well little tyrannosaurus, you’ve had a very busy day.

All that smashing and crashing, rampaging and roaring through the forest and streams, chasing all the other dinosaurs from dawn, before the sun came up, until twilight, as the sun went down.

But now, little tyrannosaurus, it’s time to slow down, to calm down and rest to make sure you’re ready for another busy day of rampaging, and roaring, tomorrow.
What’s the soundscape?
A snoozy little tyrannosaurus curls up in its jungle cave, listening to rain on the leaves outside.
Can you hear the calls of a parasaurolophus in the distance?
You’ve had a very busy day
Closing your eyes
Listening to the sound of the rain
Cosy and warm
Breathing in slowly, then out slowly
Feeling sleepy, with your full tyrannosaur tummy
Your legs and feet, feeling very heavy
Your arms and hands, feeling very heavy
Feeling very relaxed, and very still
Hearing the calls of a parasaurolophus
The scampering of troodons
The splashing of fish
And listening very hard, hearing the pitter and patter of all the tiny mammals

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