3 Reasons To Start Christmas Shopping Now

brainstorming-441010_640Year after year, the same thing happens – we postpone the Christmas shopping until the last possible moment and then it’s always the usual end of year mad dash to the shops. The worst case scenario is leaving everything until the week (or the day!) before, when everyone is out, the queues are kilometric and all you can do is hope that you will finish the list before the shops decide to call it a day. If you want to change this tradition and enjoy the holiday season this year, motivate yourself with our 3 top reasons why you should start shopping right now.

Reason 1 – Enough Time to Plan it Carefully

It is true that sometimes a wonderful Christmas can occur with no planning at all – it all just happens naturally. However, if you want to keep everyone happy and cheerful, better plan the presents and the decorations a little beforehand. There may be more than 10 weeks left, but some people started shopping for Christmas as early as August! Starting early gives you the opportunity to think it over, choose the best gift for everyone, find the decorations for your home, look around for different models and, when you have time – buy it. You can also plan in terms of your budget and buy the items from your shopping list over a period of time, thus avoiding the usual Christmas budget shock.

Reason 2 – Save Money

Indeed, saving money is a good reason to start shopping earlier and it can really make a difference. First of all, with Christmas being so far away, the prices of potential presents and Christmas decorations have not yet started climbing upwards. Moreover, you know that many stores have regular discounts and bargains, so starting earlier will allow you to take advantage of them and get the items from your shopping list at significantly lower prices. Starting your shopping earlier will also allow you to order some of the things on the Internet, thus saving even more money – 10 weeks is more than enough time for your items to arrive.

Reason 3 – Be Happy at Christmas

Imagine a Christmas without the usual shopping centre rat race. A Christmas you can spend with your family without circulating around malls and stores and looking for last-minute life belts. A Christmas when you relax and have time to actually get some rest at home instead of listening to the painfully well-known Christmas hits bombarding your eardrums from the stores. If you do your Christmas shopping now, you will be able to forget about it during the week leading up to Christmas. Also, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something, the shops being closed, the items being out of stock, the presents not being good enough, the prices too high, not enough time to do everything…say ‘No!’ to all this – you don’t need it at this time of year.

Okay, so we may still have a few weeks to go, but like last year and the year before that, it approaches quickly. If you don’t want to be unprepared again and do all the shopping at the last moment, do it now and save time, money, effort, your nerves and, most importantly, your Christmas spirit.