A Spotlight on Alimrose Designs

AlfieWe have been stocking beautiful gifts from Alimrose for as long as we can remember and we hope to continue putting it on our virtual shelves well into the future.

With over 30 years in business, Alimrose has a fantastic reputation and is known all over the country for their dolls, rattles and soft toys. From humble beginnings in the 1980s, the company has grown their range to include stunning children’s décor and a gorgeous variety of bibs, hats and bloomers.

Receiving a gift from Alimrose feels special and somewhat magic at the same time. You can tell that their items are made with such care and love. I know we get excited each time we receive new stock from one of our most favourite suppliers. So without further ado, let me introduce to some of the adorable Alimrose characters we have on our shelves at the moment.

maggieAlfie Cuddle Bear

Isn’t he adorable! Alfie Cuddle Bear is all dressed up and ready to play in his cute sailor suit. Little ones won’t be able to resist his smile and smart demeanour.

Pink Cinnamon Maggie

Measuring an amazing 52 cm, Maggie is the sweetest little doll there is. With her spotted tights and her matching dress and bow, Maggie is all set to attend any tea party or play date on the block.

Linen Louie Cuddle Bunny

With a name like that it is no wonder that Linen Louie is a popular bedtime request. All decked out in fashionable linen shorts and a matching tie, this cuddle bunny is all dressed up for every occasion.

bearBunny Girl Belle

With a penchant for daisy chains and fairy gardens, Belle is never ever spotted without her ears. With her matching spotted socks and dress and her little scarf, Belle is prepared for whatever the weather brings.

Blue Dottie Baby Bear

This little bundle of spotted joy is adorable all the way from his head to his toes. This guy comes complete with a starry bow tie to guide the little ones safely through the night.

Rosebud Blush Ballet Amelie

Amelie is the best and most beautiful little ballerina in town. With a ribbon in her bun to match her little ballet shoes, her cute design and stunning tutu will have all the little girls getting up to twirl.