Art Bird – The Stylish Lunch Bag

artbird-lunch-and-liberty-bag-red-roses-357x357“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote Keats, and if we didn’t know better, we might think he was writing of the amazing and stylish lunch bags we have at MooWoo. We are speaking, of course, about those beautiful lunch bags created by Art Bird. These beauties feature retro fabrics and patterns that will have vintage fans swoon across the cafeteria to get a closer look. They come in two main sizes, but have a million different uses.


The Nuts and Bolts Insulated Sandwich Bags are available in several styles, including the bright and pretty Fruit Cocktail design. All of them are insulated with food safe lining, to keep sandwiches and other snacks cool for school, work, or anywhere you need to be.

These smaller sized packs are not only handy for food storage, though. They can stow makeup or a passport too, as the sturdy velcro closure is very secure, while the wipe down surface protects the contents from any calamity. Like it’s larger counterpart, it is a great solution to using endless (and far less stylish) plastic bags, too.

art-bird-liberty-shoulder-lunch-bag-one-world-357x357The Lunch and Liberty Shoulder Bag is also insulated, and can carry a full picnics worth of food items if the need arises. The One World design is a favourite, and there is one in the range for every hipster guy or girl so tempted. These bags can be comfortably carried by youngsters, and would bear boisterous treatment as well, but they will also make a statement (“I have great taste!”) at uni or in the breakroom at work. Just when you thought lunchtime couldn’t get any better!

Like the smaller Nuts and Bolts bags, they are great for things other than food as well. They’d swing along on the bus into town, and will take a happy trip to the beach. They are perfect company for festivals, where you might need a to tote a water bottle, and will appreciate being able to clean them off. The dust will wipe off, but the fun never will.

One final aspect worth mentioning at this juncture: right now the Art Bird bags at MooWoo can become your pride and joy, or a treasured gift for a lucky friend, at a discounted price. There really is no reason for those boring brown lunch bags. Have a look in our store and pick out your favourite!