Australian Coffee Culture

coffeeOur customers have quite a range of interests from gardening to jigsaw puzzles, cooking to home decorating and everything in between. But one thing we do know for certain is that many of our MooWoo shoppers love to drink coffee on a regular basis. Because of this, we have added a few gifts that we think will suit their needs.

For those individuals who enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning, we have a delightful cat mug or folk owl mug on offer. These mugs will ensure you start your day off right. And for those who prefer their beverages iced, then our inspiring on-the-go plastic cups will do the trick. Choose from the Stop, Smile Breathe cup or the Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle cup. Both are super cute and will make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

coffee bagWe even have a super cute insulated snack and sandwich bag featuring a vintage coffee design. Lunch time is never dull with this little number around and it pairs well with our coffee mugs or cups.

Coffee lovers Australia-wide will particularly love these caffeine-inspired gifts as the coffee culture in our great country is extremely strong. Australians started out as heavy tea drinkers thanks to our British cousins, but as the immigrants from Italy, Turkey, Greece and Hungary started heading for our shores, our thirst for coffee increased. We enjoy a wide variety of coffee such as flat white and long black, although cappuccino and lattes tend to be very popular.

Did you know that Australians tend to be very specific about their coffee orders. In a survey of coffee drinkers by Nespresso, they revealed that 87% of Aussies give specific instructions to the baristas when placing their orders. The same survey also found that people would spend longer at a friend or family member’s house if good coffee is offered. We seem to love our coffee any time of day or night!

What is your favourite coffee beverage?