Comodo Wrap and Diversifold Nappies by Seedling Baby

SB_Diversifold_packaged-300x283Wherever you go with your baby, and whatever you do, you want to know that he/she is protected at every moment of the day. Well, for this reason, I am super excited to share two of our new newest products at MooWoo. If you got excited about our post on Seedling Baby Paddle Pants and Beach Bags recently, then you are just going to love their Diversifold Nappies and Comodo Wrap.

Diversifolds by Seedling Baby

Diversifolds, if you haven’t heard of them are cloth nappies; but not just any cloth nappy. These wonderful nappies by Seedling Baby take the art of cloth nappying to a whole new level, and I know many parents who just cannot get enough of them. Made from a bamboo viscose and cotton mix, these prefolds are ideal to add to your existing cloth nappy stash or are a great starter pack for beginners.

wrapEach prefold nappy measures approximately 30 cm x 40cm although they may shrink slightly after washing – this is only natural due to the nature of the fibre. As they are designed to fit babies of all shapes and sizes, all you have to do is change the fold to fit your child’s needs. The Diversifolds are available in a pack of 3.

Seedling Comodo Wrap by Seedling Baby

Now that you have your nappy, it is time to find a nappy cover; well look no further! The Seedling Comodo Wraps are both comfortable and convenient (which ideally happens to be the translation of the Spanish word comodo), and you will love the range of designs on offer.

Like Seedling Baby’s Diversifolds cloth nappy, it is a one-size fits all nappy cover that will last your baby right through their toddler years up until it is time to toilet train. There is no need to upgrade or buy new ones – these will be perfect to last the distance. The Comodo Wraps are available in multiple designs: Bastion, Explorer, Tea Party, Icon and Nurture – five baby-friendly designs in all.

There are many benefits of cloth nappies including the fact they offer huge savings and are environmentally friendly. And now thanks to innovative baby companies like Seedling Baby, they are easier to use than ever.