Cross Cultural Music in Kununurra

070914todtura1_1a0uv9v-1a0uvajLife in Kununurra offers many gifts. We are surrounded by natural beauty, including numerous gorges and waterfalls. People travel from all over to glimpse the ranges on our doorstep. And it’s not only tourists who like to visit. We attract some world class artists and performers, so our kids can be inspired by the best in the world, while still enjoying the peace and safety of tight-knit community life.

One recent example of Kununurra being a destination of choice for a world class performer is the recent visit by musician Sam Anning. Anning earned the title of Australia’s Best Young Jazz Musician in 2008, and has since earned his masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. As an accomplished bass player, Anning is in high demand as an accompanist.

The recent tour saw him playing alongside other talented musicians, including leading didgeridoo players William Barton and Mark Atkins. This kind of fusion project is an awesome projection of the cultural diversity found in Australia’s north, and the music that results is a unique combination of traditional and modern sounds.

For their part, Barton and Atkins have contributed richly to the cultural landscape of the north-west. They offered didgeridoo lessons to Anning when he was visiting, as well as to the residents of some of the smallest townships in the region. These unique workshops and community sessions were an integral part of the tour. Anning was reportedly greatly inspired by his fellow musicians, as well as the colours and landscapes of the Kimberly district.

How wonderful that we get to live here, and our kids get to be inspired by world class performers such as these too. These special opportunities go a long way in showing our kids what could happen if they too make the most of their gifts.