Decorate And Inspire

love-mae-fabric-wall-sticker-dream-catcher_blue-357x357For many people, home is where their heart is. It is a place to be with family, a safe place to relax, rest and regroup, away from pressures of work and school life. Home is also the little corner of the world you get to decorate just the way you like it, only having to compromise a little now and then. When the decorations in a house reflect the hearts of the people living there, that is when it becomes a home.

MooWoo has a gorgeous range of home making decorations, to inspire new levels of peace and tranquility in your home, and your heart. Take a look through what is currently available.

Fez-moroccan-pouffe-gold-stamped-blue-357x357Consider entering a room where the walls are not blank and lifeless, but decorated with intricate vinyl decals. A fairy garden or a dream catcher both shift the focus of the room towards the magical, mystical side of life. Upon seeing them, one is inspired to see beyond the invented importance of most aspects of our daily existence, and give our attention to the beautiful possibilities around us.

Speaking of beauty, the range of night lights by Sage Designs bring an innocent elegance to any room, working as a soft light in the evening, and a lovely ornament during the day. The scenes depicted on the sides of the lanterns are nothing short of enchanting, and will inspire any child or adult who has a chance to see them.

Also appealing to both young and old, Moroccan pouffes come in a range of colours and styles, and add a touch of the exotic to your decor. What better place to sit and contemplate, or imagine future travels.

These are just a few of the items MooWoo has right now that will beautify your home and inspire your life.