Do You Need To Go Potty?

Children's legs hanging down from a chamber-potIt’s that time in your toddler’s life where you need to tackle the big “PT”…potty training! Most first-time parents get very excited at the signs that it is time; second time parents – not so much as they know what lies ahead.

So how do you know when it’s time? For some parents, their child will show clear signs that they are aware they are filling their. Then there are those that will not keep their nappy on so timing has nothing to do with it but wiping poo off every surface known to man, and even some man hasn’t discovered, becomes tiresome very quickly!

Regardless of when and why, it helps to be fully prepared for potty training. Below are a few tips we have put together to help you make the transition from nappy to potty with as little stress as possible:

  1. Be patient. Your little one is learning a whole new skill set, and it can take time. Rushing the process will only cause both of you stress and could end up delaying the whole process.
  1. Start by letting your toddler go to the toilet with you. Let them see how it all works so it isn’t a daunting process thrust upon them all of a sudden.
  1. While it is okay to use a potty to start toilet training, sometimes it can be a hindrance to then transition from there to the big toilet. If you don’t want to be carrying a potty around with you every time you leave the house, consider investing in a child’s toilet seat that sits within the adult toilet seat. This gives your child the feeling of security around them, and you can use it from day one instead of having to transition later on.
  1. Make a big deal about their successes. We all love to be rewarded for a job well done and let’s face it, going from peeing and pooing into an onboard toilet for two years and then all of a sudden having to sit on a throne to do it can be very daunting for a child. Celebrate the successful trips to the toilet. Give them sticker rewards. You can set up a sticker chart in the toilet, so they look forward to getting a sticker when they have success.
  1. Don’t let the accidents get you down. It can be disheartening for a parent to have to clean up the accidents either from clothing or from hiding spots around the house (yes really!!!). The important thing here is to clean it up and remind your child they can use the toilet, take them through the routine of using it again and showing them you are okay with their accident and it is just that, an accident. If you show any sign of anger or being upset, you will find yourself with a toddler who regresses for fear of being in trouble. Not all that helpful when you are trying to win at toilet training.

As with every other milestone, you are the best judge of when is the right time for your child to be potty trained; so don’t rush it. Don’t put yourself or your child under unnecessary pressure.If you need some light relief (pardon the pun), just google toilet training stories and settle in for a night of hilarity!