Don’t Forget To Spoil Yourself This Christmas

sakrootsIf you are anything like me, you have a long list of things to buy your family members but have written nothing down for yourself. We all need spoiling and one of the best ways to get what you want this Christmas is to buy it yourself. There is no point being old-fashioned about it and waiting for someone else to buy it, because chances are, that might never happen. Consider this a new holiday tradition and buy yourself something you know you will love. That way there will be no more disappointments when it comes to unwrapping the gifts under the tree this year.

So you might not get the surprise or wow factor that comes with someone else buying your gift, but I think we can all agree that that ship sailed a long time ago. Since you found out about the true nature of Saint Nick, well, let’s just say I don’t blame you if you are still feeling a tad bit disappointed. As long as it is something special and does not put you over budget, I say go for it and pick yourself up a gift or two.

If you are stuck for ideas when it comes to buying gifts for yourself, MooWoo has plenty in store. Check these gorgeous offers out.

toteSakroots Artist Circle Cooler Tote- Sunshine Spirit Desert Design

If you are heading to the park, the pool or the races, then this cooler tote will do nicely. With a coated canvas exterior and waterproof lining on the interior, this bag is an all-around winner. It will keep your food and drinks cool and offers plenty of storage space to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Envirosax Shopping Bags

Being environmentally friendly and on-trend is no longer a problem when there are such gorgeous brands as Envirosax on the market. They fold up small to fit neatly in your handbag to ensure that you never leave home without them. The hardest part is choosing your favourite design.

The Sak Pfieffer Leather Ziptop Demi – Mint Morrocan Perf

So when was the last time you upgraded your handbag? This Sak Pfieffer Leather Ziptop Demi handbag in the delightful mint shade looks fab day or night. You can wear it over the shoulder, as a demi, or carry as a clutch depending on your mood. We know for a fact you will receive plenty of compliments when you are out and about.

towelHammamas Adult Towels

If you are sick of grabbing the bathroom towels when you go to the pool or the lake, then we know how you feel. Hammamas Adult Towels come in delightful colours and are super versatile as they can be worn as a sarong or beach wrap. Don’t be left unprepared on your next beach outing; pick one up and pop it under the Christmas tree. You will love these 100% cotton towels so much that you may end up buying one for everyone.

Natural Life Tapestry – Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

We all need that happy spot in our home. So find it and decorate your space using this inspirational tapestry from Natural Life. Do what the tapestry instructs – take time to do what makes your soul happy. This beautiful super-soft tapestry is a great reminder that we must take care of ourselves. No more excuses – just do it! And if that means buying your own Christmas gifts, we are all for it!