Eggnogg Colour-in Table Cloth

eggnogg_kidsknights_tablecloth_copy-1000x1000-357x357We’ve all had those days when the kids are restless and don’t know what to do with themselves. Perhaps it’s too wet to go out and play, they are bored or they have friends over and want something fun to do.

The Eggnogg Colour-in Table Cloth will keep them busy. Just add a pot of pencils and crayons and this unique tablecloth will keep them entertained for hours.

It is a super large colouring-in sheet which is available in a range of themes. Puzzle Time offers cool puzzles to colour and complete. Knights and Maidens takes them to a medieval world of archers, minstrels and damsels in distress. Teatime is bursting with action figures, cars, spaceships, insects and more to keep them occupied during a meal. (Great to take with you if you like dining out.) Finally, there is the Seaside colour-in table cloth with all sorts of underwater creatures to colour in.

The cloths are made of paper and measure 1000mm x 890mm, large enough to allow many hands to work at the same time.

Oh, and if you’d like something more permanent than the table cloth, take a look at the Eggnogg Colour-in Cushion Cover. This unique cushion cover is a canvas waiting to be decorated! Simply grab some fabric pens or paints and let your little one channel their creativity and energy into something that will last!

The cover measures 41cm x 41cm. It is made of cotton.

There will be no more bored kids at your place. Just make sure you have plenty of coloured pencils or crayons to go around!