Ergobaby – The Art of Baby Wearing

ergobaby-carrier-purple-mystique-2-357x357Many grandparents these days marvel at the gadgets and doodads available to today’s parents, including the amazing array of baby carriers there are to choose from. At the top of the line, in terms of stylish design, absolute comfort and remarkable durability, is the Ergobaby. MooWoo has a large variety of Ergobaby carriers to choose from, each of them suitable for newborn babies right through to toddlers (up to 15 kgs) .

Even though we are just now starting to see more of these style of carriers around, they are addressing the needs of infants and parents that are in fact timeless. The benefits of baby wearing have been well documented across several decades and various cultures. And it is not only the baby who benefits.

When the baby is being carried in their secure and comfortable Ergobaby carrier, the wearer has their hands free to perform other tasks. Doing household chores, playing with an older child or reading the newspaper are all made easier for the new parent with their baby snuggled up safely in the Ergobaby carrier. There is no need for a stroller on many outings. With an Ergobaby it is easier to navigate crowded places, uneven surfaces (such as sand), and staircases. There are also distinct emotional and developmental benefits to baby wearing, because babies who are carried more naturally cry less, and have more time to observe the world around them.

The Ergobaby, and the new Ergobaby 360 are both designed to distribute the baby’s weight evenly, and be easy on the wearer’s back. Having baby in a carrier is actually good for both the wearer and the baby’s core strength and posture. The carriers can be worn on either the front or back, and the Ergobaby360 can also be worn on either hip.

What’s more, all types of Ergobaby are fully adjustable, so they can fit mum or dad equally well. Even grandparents can have a turn experiencing the ease and joy of baby wearing.