Fun Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Finding something for the kids to give to dad for Father’s Day can be difficult; does he need another tie, or another pair of socks? Why not consider getting the kids together to craft something special for dad. Kids love to create and an object presented with love becomes much more valuable than something store bought. Here are some of our favourite crafts we discovered online recently.

World’s Best Dad Trophy


It is easy to make dad feel special when he is presented with a “World’s Best Dad” trophy. Made from foam or paper coffee cups and a few relatively simple crafting items, you should be able to whip this up in no time at all. Even better when filled with dad’s favourite candy or chocolates – he’ll remember this gift for years to come.

Smiling Paintbrush


If your dad is a little handy around the house then this fun paintbrush gift might be in order. Give it to him with a tin of paint and print out the cute poem attached.

Dad’s Stache Tray


Another practical gift to give is this dad’s stache (stash) tray for him to keep all of his odds and ends in. The kids can put their own decorative touch on this one and as it involves a paint and a paint brush, they should enjoy making this one.

Nut Jars


No doubt your child is “nuts” about their dad so this little gift is a fun way to show it. Place his favourite nuts, or a mixed assortment in a jar and present it with this fun little peanut card.

Beer Bottle Sweets


Grab a cardboard six-pack holder and decorate. Recycle some soft drink or beer bottles and fill with dad’s favourite candy and chocolate. The kids will enjoy sharing this sweet gift with dad on his special day.

These are just a few of our favourite ideas and hopefully you can find something suitable for the kids to present to dad. If you do manage to make any of these gifts, we would love to see the results; feel free to share on our Facebook page when you get a chance.