Gifts For The New Baby

Vulli-Sophie-the-Giraffe-Teether-357x357So, the stork has been and brought the greatest gift of all – a new baby! All the excitement and wonder of meeting a new little person is in the air, and the feeling of wanting to commemorate the occasion and find the perfect present for this new and perfect person is strong. They might only truly need the care, love and cuddles of family and close friends, but the opportunity to give a token of the joy a new baby brings back to them is truly once in a lifetime. At MooWoo, we have been there before and have put together a delightful array of useful and adorable baby items, for a range of different budgets.

Teething toys become some of the most loved items a baby holds. Recently, the world over, Sophie the Giraffe has emerged as one of the most popular and durable. Made from natural rubber and coloured with safe food-grade paint, Sophie is smooth and bobbly, and can be chewed on all extremities. Along with her cousin, Fanfan the Fawn, Sophie comes in highly contrasting colours to appeal to baby’s developing eyesight and also squeaks when squeezed.

Among the most important activities on a new baby’s agenda is sleep. Giving something for baby’s nursery can be a good way to go, and a nightlight is one item every nursery should have. Making the room bright enough to allow a parent to peek in on a sleeping infant, or reassure a rousing youngster, a nightlight adds warmth to the atmosphere of a restful bedroom. MooWoo carries a range of options; among the most popular are My Dream Light, beautiful LED night lights that children will love for years. Have a look at the Fairy and the Dinosaur to get an idea of just how cute they are.

Babies have a tendency to turn families’ lives upside down. One way to help parents adjust to the new addition is to give them the tools to allow them to continue some of their favourite activities. A baby carrier is considered an essential item for many parents today, as it allows them to bring baby along wherever they go. Whether it is a long hike or a short jaunt through the farmer’s market, not having to bring a stroller for baby can make life so much easier. If that’s not reason enough, babies are known to benefit from being carried close to their caregivers, and are given a terrific vantage point to the world while being completely safe. Ergobaby 360 Carriers are versatile and comfortable for parent and child, and are a lifestyle changing gift to give a new baby.

These are just a few of the fantastic gift ideas in the MooWoo collection, so be sure to scroll through our baby section and see what jumps out at you for the new little person in your world.