Hats! Preparing For The Sun

dover-boys-floppy-fraser-blueIt’s September, and as the weather begins to transition into our spring months, we can expect to see more sunshine in our local Australian forecasts. To help you and your family get ready for the increase in sunlight, and temperatures, and help you stay comfortable as you have fun in the sun, we are proud to introduce these bright and colourful new hats to our product line!

Our Dozer Bucket hats are the perfect cover up to provide much needed shade and protection for babies and young boys. Each hat is reversible, featuring one side with a solid color. The second side of these hats features a stylish and fun design to compliment a wide variety of clothing.

Dozer hats are also made from quick drying polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture and helps your child stay cool and dry while they play in the sun and heat. Most hats are available in two sizes, small and large, and feature a firmly attached chin strap for added security and safety. Finally, the Dozer Floppy hat provides a bit more room and coverage for your young child, which is especially helpful on those extra sunny days!

For babies and young girls we feature reversible bucket hats from Millymook in a range of adorable shades and prints, including soft pastels and cheerful prints. Like the Dozer Bucket hats for boys, our range of Millymook Bucket hats come in both small and large sizes and also feature an adjustable chin strap that is secured to the hat with strong, sturdy stitching.

These charming hats are crafted from soft and durable cotton that resists fading, keeping your child cool and protected from the heat of the sun while also suiting a wide range of clothing styles and outfit choices. For a bit dressier option, we also now carry the Millymook Bell hat for baby girls that features a very feminine patchwork of lace and delicate pink and blue floral prints.

The prices for these hats start at just $19.95 and range up to $24.95 each, so they will go quickly! Select your favourites today while they are still in stock!