How To Encourage Kids To Do Homework

learn-586409_640Whether we and our kids like it or not, and agree with it or not, homework is a part of life. Getting kids to actually do their homework, however, is another story entirely. Whilst homework is one of those tasks we all like to avoid, getting the kids motivated to do it is a more horrible task.

Kids will pick up on your mood, and play on it, so setting a good mood about homework can help. Changing your mindset about it is also highly beneficial. Homework is often viewed as a horrible chore, and the attitude of school work staying at school is rife.

Viewing homework as a connection between home and school, taking interest in what the kids are learning, and seeing it as more than “just more learning” helps.

Seeing it as a great way to instil helpful life skills in your children, skills such as planning, organisation and time management, is a helpful viewpoint. It will also set your children up for a less stressful future.

Where possible, set up a specific area for your kids to do their homework. Even if this is the kitchen table, that is delegated as the Homework Spot for an age-appropriate amount of time will help.

Encourage them to have a set time every night in which to do their homework; whether this is as soon as they get home from school or the hour before dinner or whatever suits your family. A set time each night will help with routine – and kids love routine – and it will soon become a habit.

Children often need a little less distraction and a little more encouragement, so setting rules about the TV being off during set homework times, and banning all access to electronic devices, except where needed for homework is helpful.

If need be, negotiate some sort of incentive for when they’re done. An hour of homework may equal half an hour on the iPad or X-box, or for each spelling word they get correct, they get 5 minutes of watching their favourite TV show.

Most importantly, try to stay calm – homework is not fun for anyone. Keeping calm, breathing and finding the right incentive for your child will be the most effective encouragement.