How To Help Get Your Kids Used To Homework

writing-711286_640If your little one has recently started school, there is a good chance that they, and you, will be exposed to homework.

For many, this is a very new experience. Whether they’re just starting out, in their first year, or they’re a few years in but only now getting homework, they’ll require a lot of support and encouragement. It’s not only a new thing for them, but it also cuts into their play or TV watching time!

Getting them into a routine is important. When they first come home from school, they’ll most likely want to eat, and possibly rest, or go and play. It’s up to you and your family as to whether you get the homework out of the way immediately, or allow them some quiet or play time before they do it.

Either way, establish some time, every afternoon or evening, to do homework, and make sure this time is adhered to. Where you can, make it the same time every day.

To ease them into it, you can also use this time to do your own paperwork. Establish this time as the time you both sit down and get things done. Sit with them at the kitchen table, and you can both work alongside each other.

This will give them some comfort, and not make them feel like they’re missing out on anything. You’ll also be close enough to help out with anything, or answer questions they may have.

Avoiding the battles and don’t want-to’s is usually a parent’s biggest challenge when it comes to homework. No one wants to do homework, not even the littlest of kids. Incentives and rewards can work really well in this case, and you can use things to your advantage.

Done right, you can also use incentives to establish your routine. It doesn’t have to be anything significant, or even cost anything. It just needs to appeal to them.

Even something as small as allowing them half an hour of TV watching, or sitting down and playing a game with them, after they have done their homework, is enough motivation. Keep your promises, and stick to your guns.

If they’re not yet bringing work home from school, you can still get them settled into a routine. Once you’ve established it, before long, it will be commonplace and done without the drama. It may even feel odd if you find yourself with a night off without homework.