How to Make Your Home Ready for Santa

santa-claus-2918_640Less than a month until Santa Claus is coming to town and you haven’t started with the preparations yet? Not to worry! Although Santa is notorious for being quite fussy about the homes he visits, you still have enough time to welcome him appropriately with the help of the few tips we have selected and presented for you below. Read up and have fun!

Tip 1: Stock up on chocolate in all forms

This is the most important tip in this post, as everybody loves chocolate, especially Santa. Therefore, make sure you have an ample amount of chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, hot chocolate and, of course, chocolate spread for the pancakes, biscuits and waffles. Santa may frown upon the Christmas stockings hanging the other way round, however, he will quickly forget about these things when presented with a plate of chocolate biscuits and a glass of milk.

Tip 2: Arrangements for a professional Santa Claus

If you are expecting Santa at your home, school or institution, there are some things you can do to prepare for the visit and facilitate Santa’s job. Based on recommendations and insights from ‘Santa Claus’, make sure that he has a bottle of water and a cookie or two. Also be excited for the visit as the excitement will be contagious for the kids. Make sure Santa’s sleigh can be parked safely near the location, and there is plenty of freshly cut grass for the deer. Finally, ensure that Santa knows the event program a few days in advance, so he can ‘revise’ the words of your chosen songs and sketches – there are so many of them, and Santa is of a certain age now…

Tip 3: Have fun decorating

Your Christmas tree does not have to be the biggest one, your elves may be a little ragged and the occasional bulb on the Christmas lights may fail to blink, but the most important thing for Santa is to sense that your family has had a lot of fun decorating. Therefore, if you want Santa to be happy when visiting your home, and to come back next year, spend some quality family time hanging garlands and Christmas lights, decorating the Christmas tree, spraying everything with snow and building an army of elves and deer. And, most importantly, don’t think about how long it will take you to restore the previous state of the house once Christmas is over.

Bonus Tip: Get the right presents

Santa will be expecting a tip on the presents he needs to bring, either in a written form or over the phone, so make sure you find out what he is supposed to bring. Also, you should try to buy them as soon as possible, as some presents might be hard to find, even for Santa. Bear in mind that stocks tend to be sold out quickly over Christmas and that shipping might be delayed. To avoid any disappointment, it is essential to order early.

If you have any more Santa-welcoming tips, please share them below and good luck making your home festive in time for Christmas!