It’s Time For School

penny-scallan-medium-backpack-space-monkey-357x357Yes, really! It’s time to shake the sand out of the swimmers and wash the campfire smell out of the clothes. The back to school countdown is on. Are you ready?

It can be a massive transition from holiday time to school schedule. Getting back into the swing of a new semester can be stressful for everyone, but there are steps you can take to make things go smoothly. Getting organised ahead of time is important, and time spent getting ready now can pay you back tenfold in the weeks to come.

Firdge-to-go-medium-chevron-357x357Gathering school supplies is probably top of the list. Make sure you pick everything up in plenty of time to add name labels for younger kids. For school starters, now is the time to make sure they can recognise their own name. These tasks will save you time chasing down missing items, and most probably money replacing them as well.

Invest in quality cases for stationary and other school supplies. Cute gear is great, but it is also important that it can last out the year. Moo Woo carries a gorgeous range of Penny Scallan backpacks that are as strong as they are lovely. There are also pencil cases available that will keep your child’s necessary supplies safe and easy to access.

Put some time into school lunch planning, and consider stocking your freezer and pantry with bought or homemade snacks and drinks. Your child might even be old enough this year to pack their lunch. It can be very time efficient if fruit, muffins, yogurt and juice boxes are all prepped and within easy reach. A lunchbox like the Fridge To Go is an excellent tool for keeping food fresh and cool, ensuring kids don’t ‘forget’ to eat during their busy days.

Above all, remember these years are short but significant. Learning and having fun both at school and at home are big jobs for kids, and the effort you make to support them will have a life-long impact. All the while, do try not to worry about missing your young students too much. The Easter holidays are just around the corner!