Jellycat – new in stock

JellycatToys are important to kids, and, like a pet, a special toy can become as close as a best friend or as treasured as another family member. MooWoo stocks many lovable toys, there’s no way of picking our absolute favourite, but some a special recognition should go right now to the new toys in the shop: Jellycat’s range of fluffy, cuddly stuffed toys. These are the type of animal toy that kids fall in love with instantly. Given a few minutes, a cuddly connection is formed, and next thing you know, these huggable loves become constant companions!

Bashful Wriggly Bunny, Fuddlewuddle Donkey, Bartholomew Bear and Orlando Owl are about the most adorable stuffed toys we have ever seen. These safety-tested toys measure around 20 to 30 centimetres tall. They are designed with great proportions. Their arms, legs, ears or wings made just right for little hands to hold, and their plump tummies are just right for little arms to cuddle. They are made with thought to colour and texture, and will withstand the uncountable hugs and kisses little kids can dish out.

Angora Puppy and Angora Bunny are even softer than soft. Creamy white and beige colours, this cuddly pair have longer than usual fur, making nuzzling and snuggling them absolutely irresistible. And Bashful Cream and Blue Bunnies Soothers are halfway between a toy and a small blanket; the two things lots of little kids won’t sleep without, making them perfect for travel or a transition object.

As kids get older we can’t always pick their friends, but when they are little you can! They will love meeting loyal soft friends like the ones Jellycat has made.