Just For Boys

Boys-rocket-Suitcase-setIt’s a well known fact that boys will be boys, and this usually means lots of activity, noise, dirt, as well as exploration, investigation and an intense curiosity for how things work.

They like cars, trains, trucks, planes and big machines that make lots of noise – and they’re better if they can get their hands on and move them about.

Yes, boys will be boys.

Sometimes, especially after a day of racing around, climbing things and getting filthy, they just need some quiet time. Their active minds, however, may keep on going, so finding activities they enjoy – i.e. generally not sitting quietly and colouring in – can be difficult.

Not with MooWoo!

Keep your boys focussed (and quiet) with a Pirate Skeleton Excavation Kit. As they carefully uncover the hidden pirate skeleton, they will not only keep focussed, but be working on their fine motor skills, too.

Their books can be kept neat and tidy with a set of Big City Bookends and the Bobble Art Suitcases are just perfect for keeping their boy toys contained and portable. Covered in rocket ships, they’ll certainly appeal to the little man in your life. It also means they can pick up a case and transport it with them to friend’s houses, cafes, restaurants or under the dining room table where they are likely to set up their play for the day.

For carting bigger loads around and out of the house, you can’t go past a Car Case. Perfect for storage, they can be carried or towed along by a toddler or pre-schooler. It is almost a play thing in itself, as well as being practical and a gorgeous display piece for a boy’s bedroom.

Even when their bodies need some quiet time, their minds are still going. Being boys, they need to keep their minds on things that interest them, peak their curiosity and desire to explore and investigate with toys just for boys.