Just For Girls

Tiger_tribe_Handbag-Bluebird-357x357We covered the boys in a blog post last month and now it’s time for the girls!

Does your little girl go for sugar and spice and everything nice? MooWoo has a great selection of gifts, just right for little girls who love make believe, playing mum and playing hostess.

The Tiger Tribe Jewellery Box gives little girls a special place to keep their trinkets and treasures. Upon opening the wooden box to stow treasures away, the little girl inside twirls as charming music plays. It can give hours of fun and years of enjoyment.

The Tiger Tribe Handbag will be a favourite for sure, one she might not like to leave the house without! This gift fits perfectly with the “load and tote” phase, where carrying things is giving them precious sensory data that aids physical development. Also carrying things with other objects inside gives experience of the “there but not visible” concept, which fascinates young kids (and leads to lots of packing and unpacking from their favourite bag).

The Rainbow Case Set is another cute option that also caters to these interests. The post-consumer waste used to make this set of two cases means they are environmentally sound, and girls will love the bright colours and shiny finish.

For the little girl who loves to cuddle with her dolls, there are a range of Dolly Slings in colours and patterns your girl will adore. There are two different sizes, and all are comfortable ways to carry a doll or even a teddy. These slings are loved by all kids, especially those who see their mum carrying a new baby this way.

After all that shopping and childcare, a tea party might be in order! The Tiger Tribe Vintage Tea Set is just right for little hands, and because it is made out of tin, it is unbreakable. All 15 pieces fit into a lovely floral suitcase.

These are just some of the options for girls at MooWoo, and all of them will put a smile on your sweet girl’s face.