Letters to Santa

christmas-sack-964342_640Writing letters to Santa is a fun tradition that is carried out all over the world. After all, what child hasn’t started compiling their wish list in their mind come the first December and would love nothing more to communicate with Santa direct? Our Dear Little Designs Letterbox has the ability to act as the magic gateway to Santa himself (and the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and even Grandma and Grandpa).

You can sit your child down and speak to them about what kinds of things they might like to unwrap on Christmas morning and help them compose a letter to the bearded man in the North Pole. Make it easy for them by allowing them to browse the kid’s section at MooWoo or their other favourite online gift stores, as well as look at the latest gift catalogues arriving in your letterbox. Either option should fill them with inspiration as they decide what gifts are at the top of their Christmas wish list.

dear-little-designs-letterbox-red-357x357Don’t rush them. This process might take days so don’t be surprised if your catalogue supply has been raided in the meantime. Coming up with a list of favourite gifts can be difficult for a child of any age.

Once posted you can officially send the letter off at your local post office with a stamp addressed clearly to:


North Pole 9999

to receive an official reply from the man himself.

Imagine your child’s surprise when Santa’s letter turns up as magically as their original letter disappeared.

Letter writing is a lost art and these wooden letter boxes are a great way to ensure that your child understands the importance of communication and keeping in touch with friends and family.

The Dear Little Designs Letterbox is available to purchase in pretty blue and white, red and white or purple and white designs as well as a more traditional looking mail box in fire engine red. And what’s more, each letterbox comes lovingly packaged with a notepad, coloured pencils, pencil sharpeners, envelopes, sticker set and a wall mount.

MooWoo also stocks a number of complementary gifts for the budding letter writer including colourful pencil cases, deliciously scented fruity gel pens  and a DIY party card pack to extend the life of the letterbox.

Let their creativity know no limits and their imaginative play soar to new levels with this fun and inspiring gift. And while you are at it, you could even take the time to send Santa your own letter. What’s on your personal Christmas gift wish list?