Little Wooden Construction Toys

Wooden_diggerVa-room-room goes the truck! MooWoo is happy to add this new line of brightly painted and durable wooden construction toys to our catalogue! Children 3 years of age and up will get a big kick out of playing with these adorable and sturdy wooden construction toys.

These wooden construction toys come in three styles:  roller, digger and tip truck. The toys can be used either inside or outside, and your kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play with them as they envision their own construction site. Your children can roll them inside on the carpet, bare floor or outside on the lawn or sandbox. Your child might even use the roller, digger and tip truck with play dough, modeling clay or other props.

Each of these toys is made to fit comfortably in the palm of your little one’s smaller hands. The toys are well made, with wood that has been sanded so that it is smooth and free from splinters and cracks. Each toy is then painted a rich and attractive colour. The wheels will fully spin but, unlike similar toys, they are not removable or made of rubber. While the wheels are attached, they are not recommended for children under the age of three since they do still contain small parts.

Each one of these three new wooden construction toys is priced at a very reasonable $6.95 and comes with its own calico print storage and carrying bag. 

Whether you buy just one or all three, these wooden construction toys make a perfect gift and join a host of other great wooden toys that we stock for kids including toy cars, bowling sets and Russian nesting dolls.