Love Mae Bamboo – Practical and Beautiful Dinnerware

Love-Mae-Bamboo-Dinner-Set-3-Piece-Hungry-Bear-Dinner-Set-Wall-357x357When we add to our range at MooWoo, we are careful to introduce items that represent the qualities we cherish: beauty, uniqueness, and timeless good taste. It will take just a moment to see how the new-in-stock Love Mae Bamboo dinnerware range fits these criteria, however these dinnerware sets will grace your table for a long time to come.

There are several styles to choose from, and different designs adorn the various styles of the sets. A simple three-piece set, with a bowl, plate and cup would make a regular meal something special while still remaining a budget friendly option. The Hungry Bear design would be popular with every child, as the big beast sleeps upon the plate, strong but cuddly, and not a menace to anyone.

The four-piece sets include a plate, a large and a small bowl, as well as a tumbler. A beautiful example of the delicate and charming illustrations can be seen here, on the Forrest Supper set. Useful for a breakfast spread, or a dinner with several courses, these sets are made of the same biodegradable, toxic-free, stain proof bamboo material as all the other Love Mae Bamboo sets in stock.

There is also another alternative, perhaps more suited to smaller children, who can be quite particular about how their meals are presented. The five-piece dinner set with a divided plate includes a bamboo bowl, cup with a handle, and fork and spoon, along with a tray type plate with sections moulded into it, to keep different foods separate. The Fairy Garden design is beyond pretty, and the Forest Feast will be a favourite.

For those considering their environmental footprint, be advised the Love Mae Bamboo dinnerware range is made from a bi-product of the bamboo industry in China. This means no natural resources are harvested specifically for their production; rather they make use of the materials that might otherwise go to waste. The plates have a similar strength and lightness to melamine, but are different due to their biodegradability. Despite their ability to break down after a long time, they are dishwasher safe, and will stand up to years of loving use.

In truth, the only drawback to the Love Mae Bamboo dinnerware is it can be hard to choose between the different, adorable designs. One solution we recommend is gifting the ones you can’t find shelf space for to others, who are bound to cherish them as much as we do.