Magic Tatts

apps-alive-magic-tats-girls-357x357Truly, we live in pretty amazing times. We might not be driving flying cars or wearing silver clothes everywhere (yet!), but our children have access to some incredible toys and mind-boggling entertainment options. One that has come to light recently is the AppsAlive Magic Tatts. These are a giant leap beyond the garden variety temporary tattoo that kids love so well. The AppsAlive Magic Tatts actually interact with a free app available on your mobile device to show critters and creatures that move with full motion.

There are two types to choose from; Action or Fantasy. AppsAlive Magic Tatts Action includes a creepy assortment of spiders, dinosaurs, snakes and robots. AppsAlive Magic Tatts Fantasy includes a gorgeous gathering of fairies, kittens, butterflies and unicorns. The temporary tattoos are vivid and colourful, appealing to kids’ interested in decorating everything, or looking forward to getting tattoos like mum and dad. As the designs appear to come to life on screen, with music to accompany their antics, kids’ hearts will leap with excitement. The magic of the art and technology involved will impress people of all ages.

You will be glad there are 24 tattoos in each pack as the whole family tries to get in on the fun. While applying the tattoos takes the standard amount of patience, and might need some adult assistance, kids will be all over them, keen to see what each one does when ‘magically’ brought to life. They are safe for use by kids ages 3 and up. And be sure to show them to older relatives who sometimes feel like they have seen everything. Medieval soldiers and flitting bluebirds will look great on Grandma’s forearm as she decides she’s not too old to get inked!