My Dream Lights

My_Dream_Light_Rocket_1-357x357Even the most doting parents look forward to bedtime, when the little ones get heavy eyelids, and stay still long enough to hear a few stories and have a cuddle before dropping off to peaceful slumber. Many mums and dads tiptoe away, with a loving glance over the shoulder at their precious kid, never so little as when they are asleep. The tired parent turns the corner softly, looking forward to that cup of tea, that half-hour show, that chat with their partner…when a cry rings out. “Daddy! Mummy! I’m scared!”

This familiar scenario has many variations, and one solution that many parents discover is the installation of a soothing night light. MooWoo has the ultimate range of sanity-saving devices, that will not only keep kids from getting scared, it might even make them want to go to bed earlier! My Dream Lights are an absolutely delightful addition to any nightstand. They can be adjusted to be either a reading lamp or a soft nightlight, so will appeal to all kids, from toddlers right through to tweens.

There are eight different lights to choose from, each one as cute and cheerful as the last. Dinosaurs and unicorns, rockets and fairies, these lights all can be set on a timer to go off after an hour, or cycle through a range of illuminating colours. Have a look at our online store to see which one will suit your youngster best.

The lights all sit on a sturdy base, and remain cool to the touch, so they will bring your little one happiness and a sense of security, and bring you peace of mind, while you finally get to put your feet up with that quiet cup of tea.