New All Natural Play Makeup For Kids

Pure-Poppet-Natural-Play-Makeup-Natural-Lip-Balm-4-Four-Pack-357x357Many little girls, and a few little boys, like to experiment with makeup. They love to dabble in colour whether it’s crayons or lipstick.

The problem with regular makeup is that it includes chemicals in the mix and these are absorbed through the skin whenever they are applied. Little bodies aren’t designed to defend themselves against these toxins.

That’s why Pure Poppet play makeup is so good.

Pure-Poppet-Natural-Play-Makeup-Natural-Play-Makeup-Bag-Pink-357x357Pure Poppet makeup is made with natural ingredients that won’t harm your children as they play. Now your kids can explore colour and paint cosmetics all over each other and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether or not the colours match!

The natural crayons are fantastic for little fingers to hold and draw. They are a wax based product, made with moisturising ingredients including Vitamin E and coloured with vegetable dyes.

The Natural Play Makeup Bag holds three brightly coloured mineral powders that can be applied dry, or mixed with water to create face paint, natural lip balm, and a gorgeous floral water spray for a hint of fragrance.

Also available are a selection of lip balms made from all natural ingredients, including moisturising shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Available ‘flavours’ are Succulent Strawberry, Very Vanilla, Perfect Peach and Groovy Grape.

These smell great and look great, so your children will love them and so will you!