No Cook Recipes The Kids Will Love

kids in the kitchenThere’s no doubt that getting the kids into the kitchen is an entertaining experience, not to mention they gain an educational understanding of what you do while you’re in there.

With school holidays upon us, there’s also a good chance that there’ll be more kitchen time as kids have more time on their hands during the summer vacation season. The hot weather isn’t doing a great deal for inspiring hours – or days! – of baking, but there’s no reason the kids can’t still get crafty and creative in the kitchen.

There are plenty of no-bake and no-cook recipes out there. You don’t even need to look too hard to try to find them!

For icy treats, rather than a smoothie or milkshake, try a fruity frappe. Throw your favourite fruit, such as mango or berries (or both) into a blender with a handful of ice. Whizz it all up, and you have a delicious drink that is much lower in sugar, much higher in flavour and resembles the coveted Slushie they crave from the local convenience store.

If you’re after something celebratory to serve up during a weekend BBQ or party, try this Coconut and Banana Christmas Fudge. Another delicious treat, from the same creators, are Peanut Butter Chocolate No-Bake Granola Bites. They look great for snacks or nibbly treats; keep these in mind for when the kids are back at school, or you just need some snack box fillers or after school treats.

Kids also love biscuits and cookies and enjoy the process of making them. No-bake Trail Mix Cookies sound like a winner and there is heaps of fun to be had with Hay Stack Cookies.

Another enjoyable thing to try is taking a look at these recipes, and seeing what amazing no-bake and no-cook creations you can design.

We’d love to hear what you create.