Outdoor Toys – New In Stock

The team at MooWoo know how important it is for our kids and all little members of the family to spend more time in the open air and less time in front of the screens. Therefore, we aim to regularly introduce new outdoor toys to our collection, thus providing you with the opportunity to engage your kids with something different and useful. So, check out some of our newest additions below and choose the best one for your kids!

Insect Fossil in Amber by Seedling


Now this is one of the outdoor toys you need to warn the whole family about before putting it in action – especially grandma! Our selection of Seedling insect fossils in amber, including a big black spider, a mantis, a beetle and a ladybug (among others!) are so realistic that they may shock another member of the family not expecting the surprise. They come with their own reusable amber jelly. Your child will be able to put the insect fossil anywhere – including on the walls – and enjoy the effect it has on others. Perfect for little pranksters or kids who love nature and are interested in insects.

Sky Boy Twin Sky Glider by Seedling


When we were kids, we used to do these from sheets of paper we tore from our notebooks. Now, our kids have more advanced technologies! This reusable Twin Sky 30cm Glider by Seedling is the perfect reusable aircraft your kids can use outdoors. Getting a couple of these means that the little pilots will be able to form competitions – seeing whose airplane will reach the aim faster or whose will go further. The Sky Boy is also fully customisable with the help of colourful markers and kid’s imagination!

Paddle Boat by Seedling


The great Seedling Paddle Boat is a perfect solution for water playtime. It can be used in a bathtub, swimming pool or even in rivers and lakes (you need to just add a thread that will help you get it out when it goes too far in). It is also a great toy to combine with the Sky Boy, especially if your kids would like to create their own army with a navy and flight squads. The paddle boat can move on its own aided by the rubber bands included in the pack. You just need to wind them up and see how far they will go, then see how much load it can take.

Helmet Hats by Treadley


Treadley’s Helmet Hats are perfect for the summer. The hats go over your child’s current bike helmet and makes them look cool while keeping them safe from the sun. It is great to know that they are endorsed by the Australian Cancer Council due to their UPF50+ protection, the highest for little faces which meets Sunsmart Guidelines. The current range of helmet hats include a model for racers, a turquoise action model, a purple model suitable for the summer as well as ‘buzzy bee’ and ladybug models.

Now that you know about all of these new outdoor toys and accessories for your kids, you now need to remember that we have a flat postage rate of $9.95. Of course, all orders over $150 will be shipped for free, so why not use the opportunity to get some great Christmas presents and save money? If you need more information, help or advice, please feel free to contact MooWoo and we will be more than happy to assist you!