Easter Craft Inspiration On Pinterest

The Easter season is knocking on the door, but the coloured eggs will have to wait for another week or so. Of course that doesn’t help your kids to be patient, does it? And with school holidays upon us, the time will drag for them. If you are one of the parents who need to […]


It’s that time of year again! Time to get organised for Easter! Who doesn’t love the imagery of baby bunnies and blooming flowers? Of course the kids look forward to the Easter egg hunt and gobbling their chocolate treasures. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so MooWoo have a […]

Crunch And Crackle – Bubble Wrap Does So Much More Than Just Pop

Snap, snap, snap – who can resist the urge to pop a nice sheet of bubble wrap when tempted? Bubble wrap, however, can do so much more than just protect fragile objects in shipping or provide a crunchy outlet for stress relief. It’s a very versatile material that’s perfect for arts and crafts with your […]

Dinosnores…they’re back!

Yes you read that correctly.  Dinosnores (http://moowoo.com.au/brand/dinosnores) are back in stock.  These fantastic relaxation CDs for kids were so popular we just couldn’t keep up with demand but they are now back in stock and ready to go to their new homes. The Dinosnores CDs are a calming, meditation style CD to help children relax […]

What To Do In Kununurra?

If you are looking for a place that will help you relax and recharge far away from the big city, your best choice is Kununurra. Our small town, ranked among the best places for outdoor adventures (by Outdoor Australia), will help you spend your vacation in the best possible way – out in the nature […]

Mega MooWoo Sale

Have you popped into our sale section lately?  If not, I’d go on over and take a look around.  You’ll find some of our bestselling and most popular items have been marked down.  There are bargains everywhere. Take a look at our “When I Wish Upon a Star” music box.  It’s been marked down to […]

Reading To Kids

Did you know that the best way to help your child succeed at school is to read to them at home? Even babies are not too young to benefit from hearing you read. Hearing new sounds and words helps them to learn to speak and express themselves as they get bigger. Not only that, there […]

GreenKid Stainless Steel Bottles

We are very pleased to introduce the GreenKid range of stainless steel bottles to our store. Made from 100% 18/8 medical grade stainless steel, GreenKid stainless steel is the non-leaching, BPA , Pthalate, Lead and Toxin free alternative to plastic feeding bottles. Add to that the lightweight, unbreakable nature of stainless steel and the ergonomic […]

Feel Good About Relaxing With Natural Life’s Fun Boho Pillows

Kick off your shoes, lean back and relax on one of these fun and quirky Boho Pillows from Natural Life. You can feel good as you rest and relax on these pillows, because they are made by a company that is empowering women and young girls everywhere to find their passion and follow it! Founded […]

Baby Keepsakes

When a baby is born, our first instinct is to rush out and buy flowers to celebrate the birth of the beautiful new baby.  But how about buying something which is more precious to the mother and baby, a keepsake which can be treasured, even after the baby has grown up and had a baby […]

Back To School And Back To Bedtime Routine

This week we are happy to share with you a guest post written by Sherene Alfreds of Dinosnores.  Thanks Sherene! Summertime, and the living is easy – at least until we have to get the kids awake, dressed and ready for school after a sweltering 40+ degree night.  But if you are finding your kids […]

Make A Slushie With Zoku

It’s definitely slushie weather and luckily we have a Zoku Slush and Shake Maker to save us from the heat. This high-performance, design driven slushy maker can make healthy slushies, iced coffees, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks and fruit smoothies in as little as 7 minutes on your countertop. 7 minutes! It’s such a clever design. […]

About MooWoo – Who We Are And What We Offer

We live in a little town called Kununurra with a population of 6,000 people – in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  And by remote, we mean remote; over 3,000kms from Perth and over 800kms from Darwin – but we love it! This part of Australia is home to many talented artisans and creators […]

Introducing Our Back To School Range Including New Drink Bottles

Your kids may not be ready to go back to school yet (and neither are we!) but undoubtedly it will be here before they know it.  I remember when I was a child how quickly the school holidays seemed to fly by – particularly those last couple of weeks. Going back to school for the […]

Organising The Morning Mayhem

Today we are pleased to have a guest post for you written by Amanda Cox of Real Mums.  Welcome Amanda! With the school holidays coming to an end, it’s almost time to get your head around the morning routine that will soon be upon us. Little ones at school mean timelines and deadlines, and more […]

Merry Christmas To One And All

  Christmas is a wonderful time of year enabling us to spend time with those we love.   May your Christmas and New Year be filled with friends, family and fun.   From all the team at MooWoo – we hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.   See you in […]

Get Icy With Zoku

If you love ice pops and you cannot get enough of them, we have a fun way to get icy during the hot days. All you need is Zoku – a new tool that can help you make your own ice treats. With Zoku you make the decisions about what goes into your ice treat […]

Making New Christmas Traditions

The only thing constant is change, and that adage even applies to Christmas, but it’s lovely to see in our busy world full of technology and gadgets, that old traditions are being passed on through the generations. We recently asked a question about Christmas traditions on our MooWoo Facebook Page and loved the responses from […]

Some New Gifts For Christmas

We’re hoping you’ve pretty much got yourself sorted for Christmas, given it’s not too far away now. We don’t want you stressing out, so just in case you need to grab some last minute gifts, have been invited to a Christmas gathering and need a present, or you’re after some stocking stuffers, we do have […]

Wild Weather In The Kimberley

One of the things you have to get used to when you live in the Kimberley is the weather.  It has a tropical monsoon climate and cyclones are common between November and April when we also receive the majority of our yearly rainfall. Needless to say, the recent Tropical Cyclone Alessia was no surprise to […]

What To Pack For A Long Trip Away – Part 2

Last week, we gave you list of suitable items to pack for that long road trip you’re planning. This week, we’ll show you how to pack, to lighten the load and keep things organised and within easy reach. Firstly, it’s important to choose the right bag for your travels. If you’re going to be travelling […]

CLOSED! CHRISTMAS Give Away – A little bit of light!

WINNER: Jasmine Nelson!  Congratulations   It’s that time of the year, Christmas is near! So welcome to the second of 3 Christmas Giveaways! OUR GIFT: This beautiful Mini Zzzoolight – Elephant. Value approx $41.95 BONUS GIFT – the WINNER will receive a BONUS goodies bag of stocking fillers valued at approx $30) IF they have shared our […]

What To Pack For A Long Trip Away – Part 1

The holidays are approaching and it’s a great time of year to consider getting away from the rat race for a bit. If you’re planning to head off on a long journey, then it’s a good idea to do a bit of planning before you go. Being prepared will ensure a safe, fun and happy […]

Message In A Bottle

Messages come in many forms and in this age of technology it’s all too common for these messages to be sent via email or text. Almost gone are the days of a short note or ‘thinking of you’ card in the post. Letters between friends are almost non-existent, as is the joy of receiving one. […]

Handmade Designer Moroccan Pouffes – Available Now

Are you redecorating, moving house or perhaps renovating and looking for a new look to spruce up the place? Check out the divine new handmade Designer Moroccan Pouffes at MooWoo. Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, there is sure to be a style to suit every taste. With beautiful and unique gold stamped […]

Kimberley Christmas Cards

Say it with a Kimberley Christmas Card, available in-store now. At MooWoo, you’ll find a variety of traditional and fun handmade Christmas cards, sure to put a festive smile on everyone’s face. Send your loved one a tropical Australian Merry Christmas from Santa under a palm tree. These  cards are gorgeously handmade in Kununurra by Kimberley […]

The Protection Of Owls

Did you know that owls symbolise wisdom, intelligence and protection?  Ancient civilisations worshipped owls as sacred creatures, guardians of the underworld and spirits.  Their clear night vision has come to represent insight and the interpretation of meanings. If you are an owl lover, this information probably comes as no surprise to you.  I have a […]

Sleepy Time Lights

Bedtime is fight time when little ones don’t want to go to bed.  What they can’t tell you, sometimes, is that they are scared to be in the dark. I can remember hiding under the bedclothes so whatever was lurking out there in the dark corner of my room would not be able to see […]

Apples and Pears Mini Mechanic in a Tin

Do you have a budding mechanic in the family?  Or perhaps you’d like to encourage an interest in construction? Apples and Pears have created just the thing for you. This Apples and Pears Mini Mechanic in a Tin contains a traditional metal construction set that can build three different models – a plane, helicopter and […]

There Are Wings At My Door

Did you hear that?  Listen closely… Flutter, flutter. There it is again.  What could it be? Let’s tip toe over and open my door but shhh.  Be very quiet. Oh, look.  We have new neighbours.  See that tiny little door right down near the floor?  That wasn’t there yesterday.  Who do you think lives there? […]

Time To Picnic With Pixie Rugs

The days are warming up across Australia making it perfect weather for a picnic.  We love sitting outdoors on a picnic rug and sharing fresh, healthy food.  The casual setting makes food seem so much tastier, doesn’t it?  Even picky eaters find themselves willing to try new foods. The key to a great picnic, apart […]

Diono On The Go

School holiday time equals time for road trips, the long and short kind. Time to pack the kids into the car and head out for some family fun. Packing however can come with problems such as making sure you have packed everything you will need on the trip. From drinks and snacks through to nappy […]

Sunhats For The Season

Spring and summer brings warm weather, halleluja! Say goodbye to raincoats, scarves and gloves and a cheery hello to shorts, t-shirts and sun hats. Sun hats in particular are an important piece of apparel to have ready for the sunny season. It’s actually a necessity for all schools, kindergartens and daycare centres right across Australia. […]

Guided By The Light – Colour Changing Night-lights

A night-light is a practical and cute addition to a baby nursery, or any bedroom for that matter. They help keep the ambient light low during nighttime feeds and they add that gentle glow to help baby drift back off to sleep. Night-lights are very useful for parents who need to check on children throughout the night […]

Taking A Bite Out Of Teething Pain

When a baby or toddler begins to “cut” their teeth, it can be a painful experience both for family and child.  A baby that is cutting their teeth may be irritable, fussy, and in a natural urge to find relief, may start biting on anything that is handy. Metal keys, sharp corners of furniture, literally […]

How To Tell If Your Baby Has A Temperature

One of the hardest parts of parenting is when your child becomes unwell. The first few months of a baby’s life are the most worrying, mainly because the baby’s immune system has not matured. It is not yet capable of fighting against any infections. No matter what the age, having a sick child is quite […]

The Kimberley’s Beautiful Buccaneer Archipelago

The Buccaneer Archipelago is a group of islands and a reef north of Broome in the west Kimberley area.  The archipelago was named after the English buccaneer and explorer William Dampier, who charted the area in 1688. The Archipelago is stunning, made up of more than 800 islands covering an area of 50 square kilometres.  It […]

Dance With Your Own Homemade Gingerbread Man

Tired of the familiar, boring old gingerbread man shape? You know the one; it’s that cookie shape where he’s just lying there on the plate, arms and legs stretched straight out, beckoning you to consume him in one big bite. Well, now you can make a more realistic gingerbread man, one that’s shaped to simulate […]

Putting The Style In Baby’s Wheels

Most parents feel as though their most precious relationship is with their child and, if they have the resources available, will seek to cocoon their child in only the highest grade of materials. After all, what parent doesn’t think that their child deserves the very best that they can provide? Babychic has been helping parents […]

Father’s Day Is Almost Here

Forget the cards and hankies this Father’s Day.  Give him something he will really love.  Our “World’s Greatest Dad” Personalised Print is perfect. This gorgeous print is made in Australia by My Sweet Prints and while Dad will love it, so will Grandpa, so why not order two at once? This is a very personalised […]

Aprons Away

As adults, many of us have fond memories of helping our mother or grandmother cook up a special treat in the kitchen. It might have been a messy activity but it was fun. Now, you can continue this fun tradition with your children, while helping them avoid any unexpected results of a recipe with these […]

Food On The Go

In earlier posts we have shared recipes which create healthy food which can be packed into our Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches or our Squooshis Reusable Food Pouches.  Today I found a great little recipe which turns breakfast on the go into a simple matter. The recipe comes from a great site called Simply Baby Food […]

Adorable And Dependable Pain Relief – With Animal Hotties

Being in pain isn’t any fun, and it’s especially not enjoyable to watch our children endure any sort of pain, but now parents and other caregivers can help soothe away their children’s aches and pains with these cute and colourful Animal Hotties. Each Animal Hottie is filled with special beads that can be either chilled […]

Chickens, Recycling And The Environment

We try to live a lifestyle that won’t harm the environment and we are raising our children to hold the same respect for the world around them.  The Kimberley is a lovely and very special area of Australia and it is important that we look after it.  Of course, we would live by the same […]

Coffee Time!

Fewer and fewer Australians are reaching for the instant coffee these days, according to a report in the Herald Sun. Choice tells us that “Looking for an individual, “artisan” experience, coffee lovers are increasingly interested in the type and origin of their coffee beans, and issues such as fair trade and organic.” Organic coffee is […]

Fair Trade Toys By Pebble

We have been lucky enough to become stockists for Pebble Toys. Pebble create superb hand manufactured soft toys from community businesses in Bangladesh. Their mission is to help women out of poverty. They know that if they can aid and support women, their families and communities will also benefit. All Pebble products are made by […]

Make Getting Clean An Adventure With Cute Annabel Trends Shower Caps

Bath time can be such a tiresome chore; so much so that it can be difficult to get your child to take a bath. This task can become virtually impossible if you need to keep your child’s hair dry while they bathe. Now, you can make bath time something for your child to look forward […]

Moowoo Now Has New Alimrose Arrivals In Stock

Alimrose is a premiere Australian designer of beautiful items for children and the home. The company is renowned for their fun and sophisticated takes on popular items such as their distinctive toy monkeys, squeakers, dolls, plush toys and other memorable, functional, gorgeous items. In addition to being fun toys and stylish attire, all Alimrose products […]

The Story Of The Rainbow Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a little white rabbit who didn’t like being white. He hated having baths all the time and, because he was white, he got very, very dirty when he went out to play. One morning he woke up and saw that it had been raining. He could see puddles and […]

Like Mother Like Daughter

Little girls spend a lot of time watching mum, even when they don’t realise it.  Whether you are cooking, cleaning, carrying out a telephone conversation or cuddling baby, your daughter is taking it all in watching for cues about how to behave in different circumstances. New to MooWoo is our Dolly Sling and we are […]

Indoor Activities For Children

There are many reasons why your child might need to confine their play to the indoors. Some children might have an illness or other condition that prevents outdoor play, and for others it may not be safe to play outside, or it might even be as the result of rainy or frigid weather. Regardless of […]

Little Tyro Toys

The Little Tyro line of educational toys is the brain child of former child educator Louise Hedley. Based on her experiences working with pre-school and early years aged children, Hedley became inspired to create a line of toys and educational products that could help children learn more easily and become successful in school. The name […]

The Simple Joy Of Butterflies

There is something simply captivating about watching a butterfly fly around – seemingly so free, joyful and content with life.  And it is absolutely mind boggling to think that this amazing insect has been around for 40-50 million years. People have been fascinated with this creature from as early back as 3,500 years ago when […]

Toys For Reading And Writing

Play in an integral part of every child’s normal growth and development. Concepts that are learned while a child is playing are easier to be recalled, and can serve as important building blocks for later development as they grow older. When children are playing, they are also learning about the world that we live in, […]

9 Months To Motherhood

The journey to motherhood can sometimes feel like a quick sprint and other times a long drawn out jog…but either way once the baby is born you can sometimes forget those little moments that you experienced throughout your pregnancy. You may not want to remember the all day morning sickness or the roller coaster of […]

Flying With The Purple Crane

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Alyssa left us all on May 1st.  She has flown to heaven on the back of a beautiful purple crane. Alyssa saw many of the hundreds of cranes that you made and sent in to show your love and support.  She and her family really […]

Mother’s Day Gifts Made With Love

Mother’s Day is that time of year to show mum just how much she is loved and appreciated. Gifts made with love, a dab of glue, a handful of brightly coloured feathers and a sprinkling of sequins is the standard that comes home from childcare, pre-school or carefully crafted by your school aged child. Although […]

The Cranes of Kununurra

MooWoo and the community of Kununurra have been supporting a wonderful little girl and her family during her illness. Alyssa and her parents are friends of ours; she is the same age as my daughter – 7 yrs old. In April last year she was diagnosed with DIPG – an inoperable and terminal brain stem […]

Frog Teether

When baby starts teething it can be painful for baby and distressing for mum. You want to help but worry about the overuse of topical creams as soothers, and frozen teething rings make bub’s hands cold and uncomfortable. You can rest easy, knowing your baby will be safe from chemicals and harm whilst soothing their […]

How Kaleidoscopes Work

Kaleidoscopes are much more than just a childhood toy. These devices have been used to stir the imagination of people of all ages, all over the world, for nearly two centuries. Building a kaleidoscope offers a unique opportunity to both entertain and educate viewers, and it’s an activity that is easier than you might imagine. […]

Dinosnores Help Settle Your Children To Sleep

For the next two days we’ve taken 20% off ALL Dinosnores Relaxations CDs! These are 90 minute CDs which include a 30 minute story that uses guided relaxation and visualisation. The remaining 60 minutes of the CD will help lull your child to sleep with soothing natural sounds! And they work! The range has been […]

On The Go Over EasterEast

We love the Easter break.  It gives us a chance to get out and about, visit friends and pretty much just hang out together as a family.  Sometimes we pack a picnic and just go wherever the car takes us. What isn’t so good about getting out and about over Easter is the squishy food […]

5 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Easter is a fun time for kids, not just because of the chocolate but also because there are so many Easter related crafts that can be done. Dyeing eggs is fun for the whole family and a great tradition to add to Easter.  The wonderful thing about dyeing or colouring eggs is that there are […]

Alternatives To The Easter Egg

Easter is almost here and you can probably already smell chocolate in the house.  I can feel the excitement building. What doesn’t excite me is the chocolate overload that some children have every year when they are given loads of Easter eggs from family and friends.  How can that much chocolate be a good thing? […]

It’s the Boogie Monster!

Stomp, stomp, stomp.  Who can it be? It’s the Boogie Monster coming for me. Shuffle, tap, twirl and boogie Boogie Monster’s dancing with me. B double O, G, I, E Blast off to planet Boogie with me. Boogie Monster is a book by Josie Bissett, featuring a colourful, lovable character with hairy legs and great big […]

Jack the Giraffe

  One morning Jack the Giraffe woke up and decided that he wanted to do something different that day. Normally, Jack spent his day playing in the jungle and eating the leaves from the top of the trees where none of his animal friends could reach, but today he wanted to do something new.  Jack […]

Kimberley’s Termite Towers

One thing that fascinates visitors to the Kimberley are the tall, red-brown statues that are strewn across the landscape.  They are actually termite mounds which have been built up over the years and they look spectacular. Each mound can hold millions of termites.  They build the mounds using saliva, excreta and soil, and the mounds […]

Some Healthy Recipe Ideas For Sinchies

Recently I did a post on Sinchies food pouches and thought I would include some healthy recipe suggestions. These recipes come from the Sinchies blog page which also contains many other delicious ideas. Mango Chicken 1 chicken breast 1 sweet potato 2 apples 2 carrots 1 cup of fresh or tinned mango Bake your chicken […]

Hathay Bunano

Hathay Bunano is a not for profit organisation that was establish in Bangladesh in 2004 by Samantha Morshed. Samantha established this community based business to assist the women of Bangladesh to have reliable flexible work that was close to home and where they are fairly paid so they can support their families. With the support […]

Sinchies and Squooshis Reusable Food Pouches

Have you seen our Sinchies and Squooshis reusable food pouches? These are a great idea for giving your kids and toddlers a full and healthy meal or snack in an easy and convenient way. Food pouches can easily be filled with pureed fruit, dinners, vegies, yoghurt as well as smoothies. Sinchies come with a spout so […]