Practical Tools For Help With Toilet Training

Early childhood sure has some tricky phases, and toilet training can be one of the most challenging, for kids and parents alike. What seems simple to grownups involves a highly developed series of skills in little ones, and having patience with them while they learn all that is involved is not always easy. Fortunately, like anything parent-related, this generation are not the first to go through it, and there are products available to help along the way. MooWoo carries a range of helpful accessories and devices specially designed to make this milestone seem less like a looming monolith, and more like a simple step forward.

dream-baby-soft-touch-potty-seat-toilet-trainingOne hurdle that can daunt little ones is that the toilet just seems soooo big! As a small potty is not always practical, especially when out and about, the Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat is an excellent solution. This potty seat fits just inside a regular toilet seat, and can be used anywhere the child has to, well, go. When they feel confident and well supported upon the throne, they will find business easier to attend to. And, parents will be happy to know, this seat is easy to clean and light to carry.

carseat_monkey-90x90Speaking of out and about, there is usually some hesitation from parents when it comes to putting their newly-trained youngsters into their carseats. While most literature on the topic informs it might encourage regression to put them in a nappy before putting them in the car, it is tempting if there is no other way to protect their seat. Remember, you are not the first parent to face this problem! The answer is right here in the MooWoo store. Pop-In Car Seat Protectors come in a range of colours and designs, and are not only good for absorbing possible accidents, but handy for catching crumbs too. Have a scroll through the store to see the full range.

There are other toilet training treasures currently in store as well, so be sure to have a look at some of the solutions available to help you and your little one get through this tricky time.