Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Lab Kits

detectivesIt doesn’t take much to get your child excited about the engaging world of science. It could be an entertaining and educational television show – as parents, you may remember The Curiosity Show which graced our televisions until the 1990s – or perhaps an exciting science kit. It only takes one encounter or experiment to capture their imagination and very soon they will unleash a never-ending barrage of questions about the whys and wherefores of our captivating world.

The Purple Cow’s Crazy Scientist Lab is one such brand that will have your kids wanting to know more. It will help them build on their science skills and develop their thinking abilities. Science can also naturally open up a willingness to learn as they are constantly being presented with amazing feats and fascinating experiments. It is a great tool for developing patience (bean shoot in cotton wool, anyone?) and can teach them all about the world we live in.

At MooWoo, we believe that learning and science are important. We currently offer a selection of Crazy Scientist Kits and have had great feedback from those who have purchased the kits.

Young Detectives Kit – $32.95

When you are a kid, being a detective can seem like a great career option. With the detective kit, kids can learn all about the topic of fingerprints. They learn how to extract their own, how to find a finger print on an absorbent surface and a non-absorbent surface using a brush and various powders, and how to take the evidence from a scene. They will even get the opportunity to create their own finger 3D replica using plaster and alginate powder. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Magnetic Wonder – $32.95

With over a dozen exciting experiments inside this magnetic wonder kit, kids will learn all there is to know about magnets. They will get acquainted with different types of magnets including the awesomely strong Neodymium magnet. They will also get the chance to build a compass and create electromagnets. The kit provides a clear guide with full-colour photos accompanied by riveting scientific explanations and facts. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Water Gel Science Kit – $32.95

In the water gel science kit, children will learn about the subject of polymers. Through 14 experiments, they will learn how they grow with water and how they respond to different substances. They will get to experiment and have fun with SAP powder – the active ingredient in diapers. They will even be able to create a fashionable bracelet using SAP powder and color tablets, pipette, and other cool science tools. The water gel kit is suitable for ages 6 and up.

There is no better gift for your child than something which encourages them to learn. Once they realise the wonderful world of science, there is no stopping them.