Read Early, Read Often

TLCAs parents, it is our job to nurture our children’s curiosity even before they can talk and read for themselves. Introducing picture books to babies as young as three months old can have many benefits. They will become familiar with the sound of your voice, take in the pictures and begin to associate a particular picture with words. A book can widen the world around them and help your little ones develop language and listening skills.

Reading early and often will stimulate their imagination and fondness for reading in their later years. And sharing your love of reading will develop their inquisitiveness to pick up a book as soon as they are able.

While it can be hard to find the time, reading to your baby, even just for a few minutes each day can be very helpful. When they are old enough to make their own decisions, they will soon tell you what book they want you to read.

123At some stage you may find they have phases where it is the same book request night after night. When that happens, try to break up their favourite story with other books for variety. But, if they continuously ask for a book, then read it to them. Yes, it can get dull – but for whatever reason, they love the predictability of that text and may relate to something in the story that only they can understand. The phase will end at some point, and you can laugh about it when they are older. While you are going through it, it can get very tedious and boring.

Reading aloud to your child is also a great bonding experience – it allows you to connect with your kids and you can be there to answer any questions they may have about the story or the characters involved. At MooWoo, we understand the importance of reading to and with your child from a very young age.

We offer fun touch and feel books by Petit Collage, ABC My First Touch Book and 123 Count With Me in particular. We also sell the much-beloved Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett as well as a tickle monster glove to accompany the book. I Love Monkey and T.L.C. are bound to become firm favourites with your children and end up on the much-requested bedtime reading list. For older kids, we have the delightful Miss Todd encouraging young girls to dream and dare to do, and the delightful What To Do With An Idea? By Kobi Yamada.

Whatever their interests or their passions, you will be able to find a story that resonates with them. Reading early and often is our advice to our loyal fans and shoppers. It is amazing what stories will stick in the minds of children, especially as they grow older. What were your favourite stories when you were little?