Sakroots Bags- Stylish and Functional

Sakroots-Artist-Circle-Large-Smartphone-Xbody_Denim-Songbird-357x357Accessories can make or break and outfit, and they can make or break a day too. It really makes a big difference if you have everything you need on hand when you are out and about. But it isn’t much fun carrying around an enormous sack full of ‘just in case’ items, and the bulky back-pack you would need isn’t going to improve any ensemble either. What the world needs, really, are streamlined pieces of light luggage that have ample pockets for essentials. And would funky prints be asking too much? Evidently not, when you get an eyefull of the range of Sakroots Bags we have at MooWoo right now.

It’s honestly hard to know what item or feature is most exciting, as they are all perfect options for different situations. There’s a crossbody bag that will adjust to fit anyone, with room for an iphone and cards. It would be perfect for a trip to the movies or to a festival where you wanted to be mostly hands free. It has reliable magnetic closures, a zipper and snap, all wrapped in nature inspired designer fabric.

106602_shldr-xbody-backpack_royal-flower-357x357If you have larger items to tote, the doubly useful messenger bag or backpack might be the way to go. You can pick which way to wear it based on your comfort, and pop your important things into one of several lined pockets before getting on your way. Here again the fabric design speaks volumes, and it is noticeable across the whole range how special and inspired the patterns are.

If you are someone who needs your mini ipad on the go, have a peek at this precious cover. It functions to protect the device while displaying the creative flair and fun of the owner. Like all the other Sakroots products, it is easy to wipe down and keep clean in the event of marking.

If you want to make sure you stay relaxed when you pop to the shops, it might help to pick up this purse. With crochet embellishments it is a casual piece that can bring cheer to the one who clutches it, and the wrap around zipper keeps everything securely inside.

It could be a tough call to only choose one piece, but the Sakroots range lends an awesome dash of style to any wearer, as well as being strong and functional. There is an accessory there to make any day an event!