Saving Money With Schooltime Snacks And Lunches

gooe-small-lunchbox-loop-de-loop-357x357Kids can be expensive, there’s no doubt about it. They grow out of clothing quickly, can be pretty hard on their belongings, and have inexhaustible energy for countless activities that all have join-up fees. One important area of child raising that does not require an exorbitant budget, however, is school lunches. Sure, kids can eat and eat and eat, but there are many affordable ways of providing fresh nutritious options for their rumbling little tummies.

One of the best ways to get bang for your buck when buying fruit for school lunches is to buy in bulk. Hitting the farmers markets gets you better deals, and better quality, seasonal produce too. If your family isn’t big enough to make this work, see if you can pitch in with some neighbours and share the goodies before they spoil.

Big batches will always end up cheaper. Muffins are a popular, portable item that can be prepared in advance, individually wrapped in cling wrap, and popped in lunch boxes. They freeze well enough to be stored for weeks at a time, too, and there is no need to thaw them before school in our climate, either. Blueberry, banana or chocolate chip, even packed frozen, they will be ready to rock by first break.

When making kids lunches it’s good to remember that it won’t be good value for money if it doesn’t get eaten. Plain old sandwiches might be inexpensive, but if they are coming home day after day, you will need to step up your game. Sometimes sending pocket bread or wraps instead will help your cause, or last night’s left over spaghetti might just hit the spot at lunchtime.

Finally, ask your kids for ideas too. Most parents are in the same boat, and your child will probably know the most sought-after foods in the school yard.