Seedling Baby Paddle Pants and Beach Bags

beachI absolutely love sharing the new arrivals that hit our shelves, and today I have two I would like to chat about in particular. The first is the Baby Paddle Pants from Seedling Baby and the second is the super-cute Baby Beach Bag, also by Seedling Baby. This summer, as you know, has been an extremely warm one, and these two baby-suitable products will come in handy whether you are heading to the beach, pool or backyard.

Seedling Baby Paddle Pants

babyBabies seem to gravitate towards water and these paddle pants are the perfect solution on a hot summer’s day. The swim nappies from Seedling Baby are completely washable and are suitable for babies from birth to approximately 16 kg. What’s more, the paddle pants are environmentally sustainable, simple to use and totally reusable. You can paddle alongside your baby safe in the knowledge that any nasty surprises will be contained within their paddle pants.

The Seedling Baby Paddle Pants are available in three colourful designs: Bastian, Icon, and Nurture.

Seedling Baby Beach Bag

seedling-baby-beach-bag-bastionWhen you head to the beach, the pool or even a friend’s backyard, you want to ensure that you have everything you need in one place. This is where the Seedling Baby Beach Bag comes in handy.

It conveniently measures 50 cm x 40 cm and can easily fit your swimmers, a towel, clean dry clothes or about 10 cloth nappies. Use it for whatever you need; just grab it and go. It certainly makes heading outdoors simple, especially on those busy days when you feel like you are being dragged in multiple directions at once.

We have the Seedling Baby Beach Bag in six stunning fabrics: Explorer, Nurture, Bastion, Icon, Tiger and Tea Party.

You can even match the paddle pants and beach bag designs, turning the set into a wonderful gift for your friends and family.

Getting your child used to water from a young age makes total sense and it can be a lot of fun as you watch them explore their surroundings.