Skincare? Go Natural!

August_2009_Dichroic_Glass_033-357x357Have you ever taken the time to read the labels of the products you put on your skin? Not the big eye-catching ones saying ‘Goji Berry extract’ or ‘Baby Soft Skin in 5 Days’, but those really small ones on the back that tell you what exactly the cream or soap or spray contains. If you manage to read them despite them being so small and almost the same colour as the container, you will see that most of the everyday skincare products are full of chemicals and sinisterly sounding ingredients of which you probably have never heard before (or even worse – have heard bad things about).

So here is your choice: you can either keep using these laboratory-created products that expose your skin to numerous hazards and only age and exhaust it, or you could go natural with the new natural skincare range by MooWoo. Now you have the amazing opportunity to actually start taking care of your skin with the help of these 9 affordable and absolutely natural products, the aim of which is to nourish, hydrate and refresh your skin and to make it look younger and more attractive.

One of the really important everyday products that have immense effect on your skin is the soap you use. With MooWoo’s Natural Skincare range, you have an amazing choice of natural handmade soaps with various ingredients and scents. One of the options is the Natural Therapeutic Soap Pack containing four soaps – Local Lemongrass, Jasmine Nights, Vanilla Musk and Lavender Reflections, beautifully presented in a tulle bag. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the Kimberley Soap Pack, which also contains four scents – Kimberley Dreaming, Local Lemongrass, Pink Diamond and Boab Silhouette. This eco-friendly bunch will come to you in their reusable heavy duty bag, ready to serve for personal use or as a great gift for a friend.

The team at MooWoo haven’t forgotten our kids when putting the new Natural Skincare range together. One of the options for them is the Totally Scentual Baby Soap which is naturally unscented and prepared to protect your baby’s skin. The soap is especially good for people with eczema, dermatitis or other sensitive skin problems as it contains the rehydrating Sweet Almond Oil. In addition to the Baby Soap, you may consider the usefulness of MooWoo’s Dreamtime Pack, which contains a bottle of Dreamtime Spritz and Kimberly Dreaming Soap to help anyone with sleeping troubles, doze off.

If you live in, or plan to travel to, one of those areas where mosquitos and other biting insects are the size of kangaroos, you’d better check out MooWoo’s repellents as well. They come in the form of a Spritzer spray (which is available in a water-based variant suitable for children), a 50g or 100g repellent cream, and a repellent and bite soothing gel. All products are 100% natural and chemical free and as favourable for your skin as they are hostile to all kinds of biting insects.

Last but not least, you may find the unique Totally Scentual Healing Gel with Golloidal Silver extremely interesting, it contains various oils and extracts that will help your sores or wounds heal. The healing gel is anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal and will make sure your skin looks and feels the way it should in no time.

Now that you know all about MooWoo’s new natural skincare range, your skin will accept no excuses for keeping it dry, fatigued and unhappy. Visit MooWoo today and order your natural products. And don’t forget that orders over $150 are sent to you free of charge!