Snack Lunch Ideas That Can Be Prepared Frozen

muffins-453967_640Every parent knows that some days just couldn’t get any busier, and the only way for things to run smoothly is with some preparation in advance. Having frozen foods ready to go at the drop of a hat canĀ  lessen stress, reduce hassle, and even prevent meltdowns (which have been known to occur in toddlers and teenagers alike.) Check out some of our favourites.

Many a muffin can be enjoyed after freezing, often lasting just minutes on the plate after being kept frozen for several months. A good muffin recipe will allow you to swap out flavours, so there is no possibility to get bored, and by adding in super-food ingredients like chia seeds, a crafty baker can make a popular snack a healthy one too.

Cookies of course are go-to for hungry tums. Freshly baked ones freeze well with layers separated by baking paper, or they can be frozen after being iced together.

Banana bread and date loaf are some of the best home-cooked foods that can be great snacks. You might be best off slicing loaves before freezing, and you can pre-butter them too.

Speaking of slicing, make sure your family has tried zucchini slice as an alternative to pretty much any main dish. It is a good one to have on hand to pack cold in lunchboxes, or to reheat for a quick warm meal at home. Nutritious and budget friendly, it fits in equally well at the playground and the dining room.

Another fun one to make and keep frozen is the all Aussie cheese and Vegemite scroll. If you’ve never made scrolls with the kids, you really should. It is part science, part art, and just terrific all round, all the way up to the eating. One of the best lunches to grab on the weekend, and best ways to make sure those weekday lunchboxes come home empty.

Don’t overlook frozen food as a great way to get through the busiest times of your life!